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27th October 2016
Welcome to the largest Atari ST Resource on the Internet
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8.1 million visitors and still going strong!
The LGD forums are offline (again!)

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Publisher: Datasoft
Developer: Unknown
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May 2012 - I'm looking for help to rebuild LGD using "modern" web standards :) You a capable PHP dev with some time to spare? Please get in touch!

June 2009 - The forums are back online! Ok so they've been away for a few years, but I thought what the hell. And fixed them. So feel free to post again :) Also fixed the "15 Years Ago" box on the right, seeing as it has been wrong for years!

April 2007 - I've fixed a number of small issues with the site, including removing the ebay adverts. Work continues on the new version of LGD.

December 2006 - I am currently working on the new LGD site. Work has been on-going for several months now, and I expect to launch at some point in 2007 - which will be the 10th year of the Little Green Desktop.

October 22nd 2005 - I decided to get LGD back into shape again. Not with any major new content (yet), but just restoring some of the long lost features. The forums are back and working, user registration works, game commenting works again, I've updated lots of broken links, fixed a few HTML issues (although this site will NEVER validate until I recode it!) and other house keeping. In short, it's fully operational, and I like that. It's as if a part of me has been bought back to life again. Rock on little ST, rock on. I also restored the WinSTon web site, because it was a damn classic emulator sorely missed! Whatever you're doing now Paul, I wish you all the best.

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Help Rebuild LGD

When I started this site 16 years ago (!) I had no idea it would still be running today. The problem is that it's really starting to show its age. Old school HTML4 layout, a horrendous mess of PHP4 code, poor MySQL queries and by todays standards, really low-res box art and lack of features. So now it's 2012 and I'd like to rectify that, but I don't have much spare time. So if you actually have time to help then please drop me a line! Maybe together we can build a LGD capable of lasting another 16 years :)

Richard, 22nd May 2012

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