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Publisher: Mirrorsoft     Developer: FTL
Year of release: 1988

Box scan missing - can you help? Oids Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Arcade Classic / Sci-fi / Shoot-em-up

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ST Action
# 1 - May 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Simon Maxwell wrote ...2009-07-19 05:17:19
Does anyone know if there are any user created Oids planets anywhere on teh interweb for download?
tschaiger wrote ...2007-05-02 16:34:21
If someone can explaine to me, how I can play OIDS now on my PC (WinXP) that would be more than fine. I can only quote you guys here: This game was a revoltion ! Simple and great ! Please answer if you have any ideas how to manage that ! Thanxx a lot for your effort and help ! tschaiger
BlueMak wrote ...2004-07-27 17:25:40
I never played this game till now, and all I can say is wow! It plays very good and it looks like a great fun. I played it with steem 3.1 and tod uk 1.4
david poole wrote ...2003-08-17 13:14:09
to play oids today grab the echo07b emulator and a tos100 image. enjoy!
david poole wrote ...2003-08-17 13:06:04
ffs how tight were 'st action' to only rate this timeless classic only 68%. the reviewers should of been sacked for such poor work. i f**kin' loved this game and still do. the minimalistic grafix and sound tied in well with its amazing gameplay. in fact, if this game were a woman i would of had my ring on her finger within the first few hours of meeting. back of the net!
Casey Monroe wrote ...2002-11-04 21:59:54
There's one Emulator that was designed specifically to run it...do a search on "Atari ST Emulator" and "Oids" and you're bound to find it.
yage wrote ...2002-07-12 15:37:43
does this run on any of the emulators?
[Cecil] wrote ...2002-02-08 17:31:40
OIDS drew a line between games that were fun because there was nothing else, and games that were fun because they were spectacular in every possible way.. and then took one giant leap over that line.
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 00:43:10
Ah nothing like killing those little oids in a variety of amusing ways.
jonathan hird wrote ...2001-12-20 13:09:22
One of the all time great games
Paul Dunlap wrote ...2001-11-12 14:49:31
This was THE game that ate up literal days of my college dorm time. I must have shipped countless classes and study time completing this game again and again. THe level editor is easy to use and the game is addictive to the nth degree.
James Fredericks wrote ...2001-11-05 15:20:22
I can't believe no one has commented about this game yet! One of the very best for this computer, this game is a cross between Asteriods, Caverns of Mars, Lunar Lander, and Choplifter. Mostly it was like Choplifter in space. Included a map maker utility, this game was super fun! If you don't get any other ST game, get THIS!