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Beyond the Ice Palace
Publisher: Elite     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1988

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Beyond the Ice Palace Click here to listen to the music from Beyond the Ice Palace on-line
Genres : Action / Platform

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ST Action
# 4 - Aug 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

ichichich75 wrote ...2007-05-14 14:06:09
The soundtrack is really one to remember, and the scrolling was good for those days. Just the game was way too short and too easy to finish. But indeed it is fun to complete it again and again :)
William Moore wrote ...2007-01-02 19:48:40
The only one that needs to shut up is you Neo6.....David Vaughan is providing useful information for all of us, which is more than your big mouth is doing!
Neo6 wrote ...2006-12-19 11:57:07
David Vaughan, shut up! I've had enough of your cont. babbling of what the disk are! I mean really! Anyway, this is the only game that I've completed in a day.
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-04-20 03:43:20
I bought this late on in my collection for about 99p and was a little let down by a tough platformer with pretty naff graphics.
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 11:38:33
Those little blue things that warped in from nowhere and made a loud buzzing noise scared the hell out of me.
Nuno Pessoa wrote ...2003-08-01 11:31:07
You represent the forces of good and your mission is to banish the evil from the land. There are 3 different weapons at your service, which you should use wisely according to each situation. You may also summon a helping spirit in hard parts like when the only way out is full of that freaky globins; werewolves or else… No matter the times I’ve played it I never get tired of finishing this one. The graphics are nothing special and there are only 3 levels, but there is something magical in this game that keeps calling me after all this years! Maybe that music… http://atari.ma.cx
Marco Somi wrote ...2003-06-17 04:19:50
Im searching a good emulator for my PC i have progs from atari ST cenzo5555@web.de
Hammy wrote ...2003-03-13 16:24:03
What a game ... i had 300 + games for my atari, loved them all, but always seemed to come back to this one ... annoyingly addictive. ha ha ha
Ragstaff wrote ...2002-11-27 02:04:55
I played this game to death, I loved it! I remember getting REALLY mad at it though, and being banned from the computer for a while.
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-16 02:43:51
Beyond the Ice Palace can be found on Fuzion compact disk 2 and Automation compact disk 12.
Feige wrote ...2002-02-17 14:21:46
This is a very simple but also very playable jump'n'run. Nice music, nice graphics, nice game.
ManTra wrote ...2001-12-27 18:56:51
PS I loved the music so much I even did an XM cover version of it :)
ManTra wrote ...2001-12-27 18:55:52
very early platformer on the ST. Loved the game to death. My only gripe with this game was that it was too short! Only 3 levels made it really toosmall to keep you entertaining. Nonetheless the concept of this game is very good and the music by dave whitaker was eerie and complementing the game well. You play some sort of troll battling to beat the evil witch. You have 3 types of weapons : a sword a throwing knif and something with a spikey iron ball. Very nice good animation and graphics. esp. for it's time! You gotta play this one!