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Time Bandit
Publisher: Microdeal     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1986

Box scan missing - can you help? Time Bandit Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Tweeze wrote ...2010-04-19 16:40:36
Good game concept because it doesn't stay quite the same in the 16 levels. You soon find the ones you like best but eventually you gripe and have to do the ones you aren't so fond of. It's all good, though. Spent many hours playing and wish I could be playing now.
swinefeaster wrote ...2006-05-13 06:24:03
where can i find "Automation compact disk 12" ?
Karen wrote ...2006-05-01 00:41:53
I got this one free with my ST. My older brother was always on it, but I remember getting frustrated cos I always got lost in the mazes - never was great with maps. Used to find those fire women who shot laser blasts at you REALLY annoying! But in retrospect it was a pretty good game and kept us entertained on many a rainy day!
Sesshoumaru wrote ...2004-01-10 21:45:25
To add to Mr. Bakers walkthrough of the Excalibur level --- you need to get onto the Klingon ship. In the same crate that you can open to get firing pins --- if you type "hide" --- you'll get into the crate--- then you'll wanna stay hidden. They'll move you onto their ship where you then run right to the front of the ship. If you look at one of the panels it will have something about a password change--- d,e,___ -- password is "DESTROY" --- if you use that password on the security door -- you can talk to the Captain and his crew that had been captured. Go down immediately from that area and walk over the grate. In doing that--- a command prompt will jump up --- first "GET CHARM" to get the rabbit's foot --- go up near the teleporters again and you'll get hit with another prompt of one of the crew members hanging back to get his rabbits foot. Give it back and then return to the grate. then you want to "OPEN PANEL" -- and "USE WIRE" --- which will short circuit the electrical fields on the Klingon ship. Then run back to the bridge --- and on another machine--- it will have 3 different codes--- one for shields, red alert, and self-destruct. Memorize the shield code, go back to your ship--- and in the same computer you enter the distress code--- you'll want to enter in the shield code. The Klingon shields will go down, use the pin on the weapons control computer and that's all I know. Even with their shields down--- if you fire --- it says they perform a "Spectacular Evasive" maneuver. So you PROBABLY have to kill their engines or something... I can't figure it out though. That's a little more though.
Prophet wrote ...2003-11-16 12:36:59
One of the best games ever made for the atari st in my opinion. You can't fault this game, apart from maybe the commands you use in the text parts. 10/10
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2003-08-12 06:02:33
Ben, you are correct, but for complaints, questions, requests ... Pleez use the forums ... And just by writing this, I myself am spoiling these fine comment pages :-((
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2003-08-12 06:02:31
Ben, you are correct, but for complaints, questions, requests ... Pleez use the forums ... And just by writing this, I myself am spoiling these fine comment pages :-((
Ben Lieberlauf wrote ...2003-08-11 23:59:17
Well why are people mentioning manuals? There isn't a single manual on LGD. Please correct me!
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2003-08-11 07:19:01
Now this is a perfect example why these comment sections should have a moderator!
Ben Lieberlauf wrote ...2003-08-10 07:09:18
This website is a MESS!! Where is the hint guide/manual that is referred to in the forums? Where is the walkthru for this game? LGD lacks all of that, are the ST Forums talking about a different website? One that embraces ALL aspects of the Atari ST instead of this half-attempt?
Zephiroth wrote ...2003-03-02 16:22:06
neverminds..... with the help of my bestfriend ( wich we were always playing this game when we were kid ) we found the game and a good way to play it ;).......... god this game rules.
Zephiroth wrote ...2003-03-02 14:12:27
I WANT THIS GAME !!! plz i need some help to find how i would be able to play it on my PC
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-26 05:21:15
The first time I saw Time Bandit on the Atari ST back in 1989, I played it so much that I became addicted. Now, since I found the Atari ST emulation, it brought me back so many memories of when I used to play it. The one area that always caught my attention was the Pac-Man area. It had the same maze just like in Pac-Man but this time you had your character walk around clearing up the dots and avoiding the red people. Of course, you could get them after got the big dot which turned them blue. All in all, this is a great shoot 'em up game. After playing it so many times back in 1989, I never knew what to do except kill stuff and find the key to exit the area. That's because I was six at that time and I couldn't read very well. Today, I can read just fine. I'll figure out this game someday. Time Bandit can be found on Automation compact disk 12.
David Baker wrote ...2003-01-17 17:31:08
The characters in the last post that you enter into the research computer are the less than and greater than characters < >
David Baker wrote ...2003-01-17 17:29:09
Does anyone know how to complete the Excalibur 4D level? I can get past level 3C but no further. Here's how far I have gotten: get wire at starboard nacelle use wire in captain's chair to get ring use ring in downstairs area to get past door get coordinates for voracious 12 in book behind door use coordinates to teleport to voracious 12 go down below the surface get coordinates from book get crystals use crystals in nacelle to power up Excalibur use coordinates to fly to Starbase 4 (SB4) reenter distress code on communications desk to get teleport coordinates to SB4 use teleport codes to go to SB4 open Klingon crate to get working firing pin Enter lightning bolts into the research computer to get partial coordinates for Hercules project. I think these characters are which get converted to lightning bolts on the screen. You have to fill the entire line. Enter coordinates into the long range teleporter and guess the missing digit until successful Now you will find the Hercules project. use muck will give you invincibility for a short period of time and some extra lives. At this point I don't know what to do. I can return to the bridge of the Excalibur and use pin and fire but this only amuses the Klingons. Also it seems like you need to get to another area to get the last key. Perhaps you can board the Klingon vessel and lower its shields? Perhaps I need to open the Klingon crate after using the muck and let the Klingon crew spot me. Any ideas?
GauntletBoy wrote ...2002-12-11 14:05:51
The first gave i bought ... So cool ...
Casey Monroe wrote ...2002-11-04 15:49:35
There was a game save feature on this game? Wow. That would have been nice. ^_^ I have a question--I loved this game with a passion, but all those adventure game aspects, especially the ones in the Excalibur level--were they really necessary to play the game? I mean, could you find the artifacts without doing it?
Otaku wrote ...2002-08-03 04:35:54
This was the second or third game I owned for the Atari ST. I got an early Beta version from Michtron in the USA while I was developing a game and my productivity went to zero for about two weeks. The annoying thing for me was that the game save feature never worked on my version. Years later I encountered the PC version, which only allowed single player, but the game save worked, after playing for an hour or so it did not just feel the same. One day, when I have some free time, I'd like to port this to the Gameboy Advance or Microsoft XBox. Shouldn't be too hard, and it would allow for a four player game.
Patient013 wrote ...2002-08-02 00:12:45
If the words "cult classic" could be applied to any ST game it would be this one. Time Bandit is timeless!
Phoenix wrote ...2002-04-07 09:20:18
Wikkid game ... I would like to finish someday.
Niclas wrote ...2002-02-21 04:40:03
The first game I saw on the Atari. I have never been so impressed ever! It made me buy an Atari ST. I would also like to know what happens if you finish it?
Eternity wrote ...2002-01-21 19:15:00
great game, I've never finished it though, is there an ending ?
bill bigsby wrote ...2001-11-22 09:24:18
absolutely great, progresive difficulty, 16*16 incredible rich levels, hard to stop playing!!!!
dj tanng wrote ...2001-11-15 19:24:14
dj tanng wrote ...2001-11-15 19:24:03