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As of October 18th 2001 the correct website address for
The Little Green Desktop is the rather catchy ...


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Question: Why are you forcing me to do this?!
Answer: Because our new site relies on cookies to handle your user account information and logging in. It also uses cookies to track messages you've read in the forum. A cookie can only be set for one URL and cannot be read across domains - and we don't want your settings to go missing now do we?!
Question: Hey, I'm a programmer myself and I know you can get around this!
Answer: Well, yeah okay - we could by propogating your settings across cookies for all of our domains. But really we're fed-up having so many potential URLs! It's time to update your bookmarks people, deal with it :-)
Question: What the hell is The Little Green Desktop anyway?
I was looking for PaCifiST!
Answer: Ahhh... well my friend, you want to try clicking here then