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Current Version: 0.49b   Last Site Update: 18th October 2001

PaCifiST Site Back for Nostalgic Reasons
    PaCifiST was the first real attempt at a true Atari ST emulator for the PC. Others came before it (Gemulator and StonX) but neither could handle any of the things which made the ST so much fun (i.e. games, demos and music). Exploding onto the emulation scene in early 1996 PaCifiST was at the head of a whole new wave of ST emulators and is solely responsible for bringing about the ST emulator revolution. However - the emulator has not been updated in years and is now woefully behind many of the current crop such as WinSTon or Steem - indeed no-one has heard from the author Frederic for many years and he doesn't reply to email or postal letters. Frederic, if you're reading this - drop me a mail! So why did I bother to put this site back on-line again? It's because PaCifiST is still actually a damn good emulator - if you only have a clunkly slow laptop or an ageing PC, then the new breed of Windows emulators aren't going to fair too well, but this little program will blast along. I was also proud of the site design :) PaCifiST - we salute you! Everything else from here on is old news dated 98 or 99, the downloads page will work fine but the links page - well, good luck!

0.49 Pre-Release

    Launched to celebrate the new-style Little Green Desktop web site, 0.49 features some new enhancements including medium-resolution screen grabbing, Timer A routines and disk image creation from within PaCifiST. This is only a pre-release, requires a previous install and is available from the Little Green Desktop web site.

What is PaCifiST?

    PaCifiST is an ATARI ST emulator which runs on a PC under plain DOS (or from a Windows 95 DOS session). The project was started in April 1996 and is still in heavy development.

    The emulator is being developed in both C (for system simulation, sound and internal monitor/disassembler) and in assembly language (for 68000 emulation & screen rendering). Unlike STonX, a great emulator under Unix and X, PaCifiST isn't portable because of the assembly language parts and the direct PC hardware access, so it won't be released on other platforms. Unlike GEMulator, it can run many games and demos. GEM-based applications can be used as well.


    The unavoidable money question. PaCifiST used to be Freeware, it is now Giftware! You are free to spread, copy and distribute PaCifiST on a non-profit basis but if you use the emulator regularaly then please do the decent thing and send a gift. This can be anything from a postcard to a local beer to a sci-fi video. Best of all would be a monetary donation to help pay the increasing phone bill! Many thanks to those who have already sent me something.

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