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16th August 1998


WinSTon v0.1-release2 is available for download from the following sites on the Internet. The ZIP file is 143k in size and you will require a program such as Winzip or pkzip to decompress it.

WinSTon comes with an installation program that will allow you to specify the directory and folder it is installed to. You can also opt to have a desktop icon created for you. By default the .ST and .MSA file-types will be associated to it. WinSTon only works on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT4/5. It requires DirectX5 (or later) to be installed and the Direct Sound component. If you do not have DirectX installed you will not be able to enjoy the full benefits of the emulator and performance will be sluggish.

You can download DirectX 6 from Microsofts web site. You will also need a mouse and we recommend a Windows compatible joystick. Please note that if an option is greyed-out in WinSTons configuration section, it is because it is not yet implemented into the program - so do not email us asking how to enable it.

Download Sites

» Atari.Org - US - High Capacity (HTTP)
» Atari.Org - Europe - High Capacity (HTTP)
» Fatal Design - US - Medium Capacity (FTP)

Turrican 2 running on WinSTon
Turrican 2 - playable on your desktop!