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12th August 1998


Here are some screen shots of WinSTon in action. Below you will also find some links to good Atari ST related web sites on the Internet. Make sure you pay each one of them a visit!



Chuck Rock

Gods - the Bitmap Brothers seminal classic

The Killing Game Show

Lemmings - Here in 2 player mode - unlike the PC version!

Turrican 2

Click here for more screen shots

Essential Visits:

The Little Green Desktop - Download over 1750 Atari ST Games from this web site, read up on all things Atari/Emulation on the bulletin boards, listen to music online and dig the interface :)

Demonburps ST Emporium - Games, Demos, Music, Utilities and Coding Applications all ready for download, along with other cool bits and pieces (Real Audio ST music anyone?)

(more coming soon)