mega list of Atari ST games! Compiled by Rickard Lundberg. (

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Order by: disk or content

disk:           content:
A_000 Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon
A_000 Myth
A_001 Crystal Castles
A_001 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
A_001 Northstar w/ docs
A_001 Star Raiders
A_001 Robotron: 2084
A_001 Trail Blazer
A_001 Football Manager: World Cup Edition
A_002 Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper
A_002 Extensor
A_002 Knightmare
A_002 Plutos
A_002 Virus
A_002 Joe Blade
A_002 Trifide II
A_003 Mercenary: Return to Targ
A_003 Mercenary: The Second City
A_003 Football Manager
A_003 Titus Arcade Classics Vol. 1
A_003 Rolling Thunder
A_003 Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh
A_003 Delta Patrol
A_003 Super Huey
A_004 Mission Genocide
A_004 Computer Scrabble
A_004 Moon Patrol
A_004 Eden Blues
A_004 Xevious
A_004 Airball
A_004 Starquake
A_004 Missile Command (v1.0)
A_005 Typhoon Thompson in: Search for the Sea Child
A_005 Street Gang (1 meg)
A_005 Deathstrike
A_006 Better Dead Than Alien
A_006 Missile Command (v2.0)
A_006 Pinball Factory
A_006 Thundercats
A_006 Army Moves
A_006 Rockford
A_006 Joust
A_007 Asteriods Deluxe
A_007 Karate Kid II (1 meg)
A_007 Diablo
A_007 Battleships
A_007 Overlander
A_008 Backlash
A_008 Ninja
A_008 Goldrunner
A_008 Major Motion
A_008 Super Breakout
A_008 Revenge of the Mutant Camels II
A_008 QBall
A_008 Spook
A_009 Nebulus
A_009 Eliminator
A_009 Blue Angels
A_009 Enduro Racer
A_009 Chubby Gristle
A_010 Tournament Leader Board
A_010 Leader Board
A_010 Pengy
A_010 Veteran
A_010 Black Lamp
A_010 Whirligig
A_011 Championship Cricket (1 meg)
A_011 Soccer Supremo
A_011 Tennis
A_011 Quadralien
A_011 The Lands of Havoc
A_011 Mudpies
A_011 Hotshot
A_011 Thrust
A_011 8 Ball
A_012 Beyond the Ice Palace
A_012 Space Killer
A_012 Time Bandit v2.1
A_012 Sky Chase
A_012 Deflektor
A_012 Shackled
A_013 Super Hang-On
A_013 Super Sprint
A_013 ST Karate
A_013 Pool (Microdeal)
A_014 Elite
A_014 Vixen
A_014 Star Goose!
A_014 Helter Skelter
A_014 Championship Baseball
A_015 Starray (1 meg)
A_015 Return to Genesis (1 meg)
A_016 Federation of Free Traders
A_016 Football Manager II
A_016 Screaming Wings
A_016 Mousetrap
A_016 Bombjack
A_017 Magnetic Tank
A_017 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
A_017 Spy vs. Spy
A_017 Tetra Quest
A_017 Garfield
A_017 Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine
A_017 Tetris
A_018 Buggy Boy
A_018 Floyd the Droid: "On the Run"
A_018 Wizball
A_018 Eco: A Game of Survival
A_018 Phantasm
A_018 Dragon Lord
A_019 Where Time Stood Still
A_019 Battle Probe
A_019 Sorcery+
A_019 XOR
A_020 Artura
A_020 Garfield
A_020 Moonbase
A_020 Galax 3D
A_021 Fernandez Must Die
A_021 Battlezone
A_021 The Enforcer
A_021 Uridium
A_021 Altair
A_022 1943: Battle of Midway
A_022 Rampage
A_022 Captain America Defies the Doom Tube
A_022 Slap Fight
A_022 Leathernecks
A_023 Turbo Cup
A_023 Strip Poker 3
A_023 Snafux
A_023 Flying Shark
A_024 Return of the Jedi
A_024 Off Shore Warrior
A_024 Bank Buster
A_024 Two Game (Box the Dragon and Mastermind)
A_025 Pac-Mania
A_025 International Karate +
A_025 Mad Mix Game (Pepsi)
A_025 Harrier Strike Mission w/ docs
A_025 Metro-Cross
A_025 Hellfire
A_026 Millipede
A_026 Driller (Space Station Oblivion)
A_026 Mach 3
A_026 Truck
A_027 James Bond 007: Live and Let Die
A_027 ST-Protector
A_027 Pandora
A_028 Fireblaster
A_028 Stormbringer ST
A_028 Netherworld
A_028 Frost Byte
A_028 Xenon
A_029 Alien Syndrome
A_029 Space Station Part I
A_029 Barbarian (Death Sword)
A_029 Fuzzball
A_030 Haunted House
A_030 Speedball I
A_030 Exolon
A_030 ATAX
A_030 Time Blast
A_031 Growth
A_032 Star Battle (French)
A_032 SDI (Cinemaware)
A_032 Bionic Commando
A_033 Predator
A_033 Bounce Out
A_033 Chuckie Egg
A_033 Soldier of Light
A_034 Bubble Bobble
A_034 Hyperdrome
A_034 Hell Bent
A_034 Money
A_035 Falcon 1.0
A_035 Bombuzal
A_036 Joe Blade II
A_036 Pool
A_036 Flip Side
A_036 Wanted
A_037 Operation Wolf
A_037 Top Gun
A_038 Mission Elevator
A_038 Ikari Warriors
A_038 The Flintstones
A_038 The Munsters
A_038 ST Checkers 1.0
A_039 Terramex
A_039 Metropolis
A_039 Super Ski (French)
A_039 ST Poker Royale
A_040 Iron Trackers (French)
A_040 Victory Road
A_040 Megaroids
A_041 Street Fighter
A_041 Space Racer (French)
A_041 Ripcord
A_042 Galactic Conquerer
A_042 Trauma
A_042 Chopper-X
A_042 Monkey Business
A_043 Thunder Blade (1 meg)
A_043 Spidertronic
A_043 Boulder Dash
A_044 Desolator (1 meg)
A_044 SDI (SEGA/Activision) (1 meg)
A_045 Vectorball
A_045 Double Dragon
A_046 Menace (1 meg)
A_046 R-Type (1 meg)
A_047 Rambo III
A_047 Transputor
A_047 Free Climbing (Spanish)
A_047 Yahtzee
A_047 ZXYM
A_048 Captain Fizz
A_048 Tracksuit Manager
A_048 Advanced Rugby Simulator
A_048 Elf
A_048 Pyramino w/ docs
A_049 Crazy Cars 2 (1 meg)
A_049 Baal (1 meg)
A_050 Batman: The Caped Crusader (Part 1)
A_050 Batman: The Caped Crusader (Part 2)
A_050 Breakanoid w/ docs
A_050 Addictaball
A_050 Warhawk
A_050 Brickyard!
A_050 (Automation Games Listing 1-50 and Information)
A_051 Impact
A_051 Prohibition
A_051 Tau Ceti
A_051 I, Ball
A_051 ST Krak w/ editor
A_052 Zany Golf
A_052 Karateka
A_053 Question of Sport
A_053 Space Baller
A_053 Turbo GT
A_053 Sky Rider
A_053 Erebus
A_054 LED Storm
A_054 Thunder Wing
A_054 Chase
A_054 Mafdet and the Book of the Dead
A_054 Hades Nebula
A_055 Custodian
A_055 Andes Attack
A_055 Brattacus
A_055 Sidearms
A_056 Bermuda Project
A_056 Trap
A_057 I, Ludicrus
A_057 Luxor
A_057 Hustler
A_058 Wizard Royal w/ Symbol Editor and Output Program (German)
A_058 Cards v2.0
A_058 Dame (German)
A_059 Golden Path
A_059 Road Wars
A_060 Livingston I Presume
A_060 Starglider
A_060 Labyrinth
A_060 Blast
A_061 Catch 23
A_061 10th Frame: Pro Bowling Simulator
A_061 Road Runner
A_062 Technocop (1 meg)
A_062 Powerdrome (1 meg)
A_063 Stone-Breaker
A_063 Strip Breakout
A_063 Arkanoid
A_063 BMX Simulator
A_063 Hacker II: The Doomsday Papers
A_063 Transylvania I
A_064 Barbarian (Psygnosis) (1 meg)
A_064 OutRun (1 meg)
A_066 ISS (Incredible Shrinking Sphere)
A_066 Mad Flunky
A_066 Bomb Fusion
A_066 Terra Nova
A_067 Fire & Forget
A_067 Crafton & Xunk
A_067 The Eye w/ docs
A_067 The Hunt for Red October (The Software Toolworks)
A_068 Raffles
A_068 Terestrial Encounter
A_068 Ringside
A_069_1 Stellar Crusade
A_069_1 Winter Games
A_069_1 Ultima III: Exodus
A_069_2 Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax (Axe of Rage)
A_069_2 Last Duel: Inter Planet War 2012
A_069_3 Afterburner (1 meg)
A_069_3 Microprose Soccer (1 meg)
A_069_4 TECH: The Race Against the Targanoids
A_069_5 Kick Off 2
A_069_5 Pro Tennis Simulator
A_069_5 STOS Slippery Sid
A_069_5 Pompey Puffs Packer v1.5 (utility)
A_070 Ballistix
A_070 The Real Ghostbusters
A_070 (Automation Games Listing 1-70, Information and Cheats)
A_071 Teenage Queen
A_071 Karting Grand Prix
A_071 Sam & Ed (1 meg)
A_071 Knickerbockers
A_072 Bob Morane (Prohibition II)
A_072 Seconds Out..!
A_072 A Question of Scruples: The Computer Edition
A_072 Football Director
A_073 Gauntlet (1 meg)
A_073 Arctic Fox (1 meg)
A_073 Wizard Warz (1 meg)
A_073 Battle for the Throne (1 meg)
A_074 Mini Golf (Part 1)
A_074 Billiards Simulator
A_074 Borodino Battlescapes
A_074 Hangman
A_075 Game Over II (1 meg)
A_075 Pac-Man
A_075 Mini Golf (Part 2)
A_076 Kick Off
A_076 No Excuses
A_076 Great Battles 1789-1865
A_076 Rugby League Boss
A_077 Captain Blood
A_077 Arkanoid III (1.8 TOS only)
A_077 TNT (non-STE compatible)
A_077 Hex
A_078 Trivial Pursuit Genus I
A_078 Roadwar Europa
A_078 Trivial Pursuit Genus II: A New Beginning
A_079 Pac-Land
A_079 Zynaps
A_079 Sapiens (French/English)
A_079 Rogue: The Adventure Game (Epyx)
A_080 Blasteroids
A_080 Grid Runner
A_080 Wrangler
A_080 Skweek
A_080 Automation Games Listing 1-80, Information and Cheats
A_081 Populous w/ Promised Lands
A_081 Wall Street
A_082 Defender of The Crown
A_082 Pink Panther
A_082 Super League Soccer
A_083 Krypton Egg
A_083 Chuckie Egg II
A_083 Skulldiggery
A_083 Illusion (1 meg)
A_084 Dragonscape
A_084 Human Killing Machine
A_084 Road Blasters
A_084 The Last Trooper
A_085 The Games: Winter Edition
A_085 Cybernoid II: The Revenge
A_085 Academy (Tau Ceti II)
A_086 Steve Davis World Snooker
A_086 Bobo
A_087 Tiger Road
A_087 Motor Massacre
A_088 Voyager
A_088 Action Fighter
A_088 Warzone
A_088 Skyfox
A_088 Trivia Challenge!
A_089 Star Trek: The Rebel Universe
A_089 Liberator
A_089 Alpine Games
A_089 Sorceror Lord
A_090 Masters of the Universe (He-Man)
A_090 International Karate
A_090 Final Legacy
A_090 Automation Games Listing 1-90, Information and Cheats
A_091 Clever & Smart (1 meg)
A_091 Vindicators (1 meg)
A_092 Superman: The Man of Steel (1 meg)
A_092 Dugger (1 meg)
A_092 Dragon Force (1 meg)
A_093 Spaceball (1 meg)
A_093 A320
A_094 Mata Hari
A_094 Carrier Command
A_094 Operation Hormuz
A_095 Cosmic Pirates
A_095 Hostages
A_096 Robocop
A_096 Renegade
A_096 Shanghai
A_097 Dungeon Master
A_097 Oids
A_097 3D Pool
A_098 F-15 Strike Eagle
A_098 Millenium: Return to Earth v2.2
A_098 Space Shuttle
A_098 Alphamax
A_098 Warship
A_099 Joan of Arc: The Siege and the Sword
A_099 Marble Madness
A_100 Chicago 30s
A_100 Savage games 1-3
A_100 Automation Games Listing 1-100, Information and Cheats
A_101 Jungle Book (French)
A_101 Prime Time
A_101 StarTrash (German) (1 meg on TOS 1.9 only)
A_101 Dominoes
A_102 Total Eclipse
A_102 Red Alert USA
A_102 Red Alert Europe
A_102 Skateball (French)
A_102 Roadwar 2000
A_102 Empire w/ docs
A_102 Video Vegas
A_103 Jug (1 meg)
A_103 Silkworm (1 meg)
A_103 Skrull (1 meg)
A_104 Space Harrier
A_104 Butcher Hill
A_105 Xybots
A_105 Super Stuntman
A_105 Hyper Bowl
A_105 GBA Championship Basketball: Two on Two
A_106 Honda RVF750
A_106 Tom & Jerry
A_107 Airborne Ranger
A_107 Numero 10 (French)
A_107 Wicked
A_108 Tetris
A_108 Sex Vixens from Space
A_109 Circus Attractions (1 meg)
A_109 Vulcan
A_109 Face Off
A_110 Infocom Adventures CD 1
A_110 Ballyhoo
A_110 Deadline
A_110 Lurking Horror
A_110 Seastalker
A_110 Zork I: The Great Underground Empire
A_110 Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz
A_110 Plundered Hearts
A_111 Infocom Adventures CD 2
A_111 Spellbreaker
A_111 Wishbringer
A_111 Enchanter
A_111 Suspended
A_111 Moonmist
A_111 Infidel
A_111 The Witness
A_111 Sorceror
A_112 Infocom Adventures CD 3
A_112 Leather Goddesses of Phobos
A_112 Hollywood Hijinx
A_112 Stationfall
A_112 Cutthroats
A_112 Planetfall
A_112 Starcross
A_112 Suspect
A_113 Jinks
A_113 Leviathan
A_113 ST Soccer
A_114 Jaws
A_114 Phobia
A_115 007: Licence to Kill
A_115 Chariots of Wrath
A_116 Sundog: Frozen Legacy w/ docs (1 meg)
A_116 Bubble Ghost (1 meg)
A_116 XTron (1 meg)
A_117 Blood Money (demo)
A_117 Hawkeye
A_117 Super Cycle
A_117 Stunt Car Racer
A_118 Championship Wrestling
A_118 Bob Morane: Chevalerie 1 (French)
A_119 Weird Dreams
A_119 Bootiful Babe
A_119 Grand Prix 500cc (French)
A_120 Thunderbirds
A_120 Beam
A_120 Rick Dangerous
A_121 Astaroth + (1 meg)
A_121 Stormtrooper (1 meg)
A_122 Winter Olympiad
A_122 Bloodwych
A_123 Tme Scanner
A_123 Roll-out
A_123 Renegade
A_123 Strike Force Harrier
A_124 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game
A_124 Castle Warrior
A_125 Lombard RAC Rally (1 meg)
A_125 Bubble Trouble (1 meg)
A_126 Sidewinder
A_126 War Machine
A_127 Murders in Venice
A_127 Spaceport
A_127 8 Ball
A_128 Times of Lore
A_128 Dark Side
A_128 Overlord (World War II)
A_129 Red Heat (1 meg)
A_129 Gemini Wing (1 meg)
A_129 Blood Fever
A_130 Sky Fighter
A_130 The Pursuit to Earth
A_130 Jupiter Probe
A_131 Summer Olympiad
A_131 Passing Shot
A_132 Dark Fusion
A_132 Jet
A_132 Rosemary Raccoon
A_132 The Armageddon Man
A_133 Xenon II: Megablast
A_133 Bumpy
A_133 High & Low
A_134 Dynamite Dux
A_134 Psycho
A_135 Waterloo
A_136 The Great Giana Sisters (1 meg)
A_136 Kennedy Approach (1 meg)
A_136 APB (All Points Bulletin) (1 meg)
A_136 Blaster
A_136 Missions en Rafaele
A_137 Dream Zone
A_137 Blue War III
A_137 Ammotrax
A_138 5th Gear
A_138 Slayer
A_138 Saint & Greavsie
A_138 Tracker
A_139 Mr. Heli
A_139 High Steel
A_139 Maniax
A_139 Ship Combat
A_140 Night Hunter (1 meg)
A_140 Monster Grand Slam (1 meg) (non-STE-compatible)
A_141 TV Sports: Football
A_141 Chessmaster 2000
A_141 Temple of Apshai Trilogy
A_142 Moebius: The Celestial Orb of Harmony
A_142 Nightdawn
A_142 Sub Battle Simulator w/ docs
A_143 Steel
A_143 Dark Century (demo)
A_143 Future Sport
A_143 Grand Prix Master
A_143 Megaform v2.1 (utility)
A_144 Forgotten Worlds (1 meg)
A_145 Time Runner
A_145 Mad
A_145 Spitfire 40
A_145 Buzzword
A_146 Zero Gravity
A_146 H.A.T.E.
A_146 Recoil
A_146 ST Invaders
A_146 Bridge-it!
A_146 Altered Beast
A_146 Gold of the Realm
A_146 Razrats
A_148a The Games: Summer Edition (a)
A_148b The Games: Summer Edition (b)
A_148b Bio Challenge
A_148b Jump Jet
A_149 Albedo (1 meg)
A_149 Mindfighter
A_149 Trip-a-Tron
A_150 Paperboy
A_150 Spherical
A_150 Star Wars
A_151 Liesure Suit Larry
A_151 Sargon III (1 meg)
A_152 Circus Games
A_152 Silent Service
A_153 Zombi
A_153 Battleships
A_153 Pirates of the Barbary Coast w/ docs
A_154 SuperStar Ice Hockey
A_154 Crash Garrett
A_154 Onslaught
A_154 Fast Copy 2.00 (utility)
A_154 Michtron Utilities v1.1 (utility)
A_155 Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus
A_155 Bangkok Knights
A_156 Action Service
A_157 Strider
A_157 Tanglewood
A_158 Starglider 2
A_158 Night Walk
A_159 Bob Morane: Ocean
A_159 Indy 500
A_160 Fish
A_160 Guild of Thieves
A_161 Falcon Mission Disk Vol. I
A_161 Hardball
A_162 Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar
A_162 Postman Pat
A_162 Super Scramble Simulator
A_163 Chicago 90 (French)
A_163 Lancaster
A_164 Tin Tin on the Moon
A_164 Cybermind: Planet of Riddle
A_164 ST Shuffleboard!
A_165 Indian Mission (French)
A_165 1986 Space Pilot ST
A_165 Bomber Command
A_165 Pickpocket
A_165 Professor Craps
A_166 Darius +
A_167 Laser Squad
A_167 Elemental
A_168 Platoon (1 meg)
A_168 Operation Cleanstreets (1 meg)
A_169 Fusion
A_169 Quartz
A_169 Space Invaders
A_169 Elite Saved Game Editor/Cheat
A_170 Battlehawks 1942
A_170 Rana Rama
A_170 Passengers on the Wind (Les Passagers du Vent)
A_171 Ferrari Formula One
A_171 Make a Break: A Trivial Game of Snooker
A_171 Passengers on the Wind II (Les Passagers du Vent II)
A_172 Hollywood Poker Pro
A_172 Motorbike Madness
A_173 Snoopy and Peanuts
A_173 Indoor Sports
A_173 Shutdown
A_173 Jitterbugs
A_174 World Darts (1 meg)
A_174 Rookie (1 meg)
A_175 Kosmic Krieg
A_175 Overlord
A_175 Turbo GT II (French)
A_175 Crazy Cars
A_175 Bob Winner
A_175 Automation Games Listing 001-175
A_176 Red Lightning
A_176 Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan (Spanish)
A_176 Anco Strip Poker
A_177 Western Games
A_178 Forbidden Quest
A_178 Star Fleet I: The War Begins!
A_178 ST Hack v1.0.3
A_178 Strike!
A_178 Artificial Dreams
A_179 Maniac Mansion
A_179 Superbike Challenge
A_179 Speedboat Assassin
A_180 Navy Moves
A_180 Fast Lane: The Spice Engineering Challenge
A_181 Commando
A_181 Verminator
A_181 Switchblade
A_182 Wheel of Fortune 2.0 w/ docs
A_182 Gateway
A_182 Top Secret
A_182 Sun Computer Crosswords Vol. 1
A_182 Times Computer Crosswords Vol. 1
A_183 Dive Bomber
A_184 Flight Simulator II
A_184 Rocket Ranger w/ docs
A_185 Pharaoh
A_185 Miami Vice
A_186 UMS (Universal Military Simulator)
A_186 Little Computer People
A_186 Pothole Pete
A_186 Pictionary
A_186 The Atari Planetarium
A_187 Gunship w/ docs
A_187 Killdozers
A_187 School Yard Slaughter
A_188 Breach w/ Scenario Editor
A_188 A Mind Forever Voyaging
A_188 Trivia Trove
A_188 Spectrum 512
A_188 Spectrum Slide Show
A_189 Red Storm Rising
A_189 Auto Duel
A_190 Interphase
A_190 Bad Company
A_190 First Person Pinball
A_191 Hell Raisers (Liberators)
A_191 Fist of Fury
A_191 Hole in One Golf
A_191 Cube Maze
A_192 Dungeon Master Expansion: Chaos Strikes Back
A_193 Zak MacKracken and the Alien Mindbenders
A_194 Safari Guns
A_194 Shoot the Moon
A_194 Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match
A_195 Powerplay: The Game of the Gods
A_195 Space-Flight
A_195 Bellum
A_196 Chase H.Q.
A_196 Balance of Power 1990
A_196 Monkeys and Balloons
A_197 Sherman M4
A_197 Roller Coaster Rumbler
A_198 Mindbender
A_198 Ayatolla Invaders
A_198 Starblaze
A_198 Gilbert: Escape from Drill
A_199 Mot (French)
A_199 Colourspace
A_200 Skidoo
A_200 Pipe Dream
A_200 Great Courts
A_201 Dragons of Flame
A_201 African Raiders
A_202 Magic Alpha
A_202 Magic Bille
A_202 Magic Cases
A_202 Hacker
A_202 OGRE
A_202 ST-Pool v1.3
A_202 Casino Roulette
A_202 Peggammon
A_202 TechMate Chess v1.1
A_202 Trump Castle
A_203 Brainbox
A_203 Werner ST (German)
A_204 Conflict Europe
A_204 Armada
A_205 Legend of Djel
A_205 Patrice Martin Waterskiing
A_206 Cluedo: Master Detective
A_206 Kayden Garth ("any key" = key)
A_206 Colonial Conquest
A_206 STOS Target Range
A_207 North & South
A_207 Leonardo
A_208 Tonic Tile w/ Construction Set
A_208 Kelly X
A_208 Tolteka
A_208 Bob Morane: Jungle 1
A_208 ST Backgammon
A_208 Trivia Master w/ docs
A_208 CrosSTword
A_209 Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress
A_209 Jumpster
A_209 Monopoly
A_209 Final Assault
A_210 Auto Route: The Intelligent Map (Great Britain)
A_211 Day of the Viper
A_211 Crazy Shot
A_212 Police Quest 1: In Pursuit of the Death Angel
A_212 Enterprise
A_213 Eye of Horus
A_213 Footballer of Year 2
A_213 Who Framed Roger Rabbit
A_214 Seven Gates of Jambala
A_214 Wonderboy in Monsterland
A_215 Under the Ice w/ docs
A_215 Full Metal Planete
A_216 Treasure Island Dizzy
A_216 Quartet (MIDI sequencer)
A_216 Triton III
A_216 Daily Double Horse Racing
A_217 Bismarck
A_217 Formula 1 Grand Prix
A_217 Who Maimed Roger Rabbit
A_218 Corruption
A_219 Double Dragon II: The Revenge
A_219 Alf: The First Adventure
A_220 Dogs of War
A_220 Galaxy Force II
A_220 Tempest
A_221 Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny
A_221 Star Breaker
A_222 Breach 2
A_222 Deep Space
A_222 Dizzy Wizard
A_223 World Trophy Soccer
A_223 The Untouchables
A_224 Batman
A_224 Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper
A_224 Bloodwych Expansion: The Extended Levels
A_225 Bad Company (release version)
A_225 Stormlord
A_225 The Gambler
A_226 Windwalker
A_226 Wizmo
A_226 Wargame Construction Kit
A_227 Highway Patrol II
A_227 Companion
A_227 Check-Mate
A_227 Solitaire
A_227 Blackjack
A_228 Crossbow: The Legend of William Tell
A_228 Archipelagos
A_228 Spitting Image
A_229 Super Cars
A_229 Wayne Gretsky Hockey
A_230 Iznogoud
A_230 Turbo Outrun
A_231 Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (1 meg)
A_231 Hillsfar (1 meg)
A_232 X-Out
A_233 Wildlife
A_233 The Man from the Council
A_234 Sporting Triangles
A_234 The Lost Kingdom of Zkul
A_234 West
A_235 Hunter Killer
A_235 Revenge!
A_236 Photon Storm
A_236 SAS Combat Simulator
A_236 Kid Gloves
A_236 Gladiators
A_237 F-16 Combat Pilot w/ Editor
A_237 Blue Angels 69
A_238 Legend
A_238 Questron II
A_239 Jumping Jack Son
A_239 Soccer King
A_240a Rotor
A_240a Operation Thunderbolt (a)
A_240a Black Tiger
A_240b Brick Busta
A_240b Operation Thunderbolt (b)
A_241 Centerfold Squares
A_241 The Rush
A_242 Xenophobe
A_242 A Rock Star Ate My Hampster
A_243a Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (a)
A_243a The President is Missing
A_243b Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (b)
A_244 Jack Nicklaus Greatest 18 Holes of Championship Golf w/ Extra Courses
A_245 Oliver and Company
A_245 Kick Off Expansion Disk: Extra Time
A_245 Austerlitz
A_246 Dominator
A_246 European Space Simulator (ESS)
A_247 Stryx
A_247 Castle Master
A_248 The Scott Adams Adventures
A_248 Spiderman
A_248 Human Torch and The Thing
A_248 Sorceror of Claymorgue Castle
A_248 The Secret of Steel
A_248 MIDI-Maze
A_248 Azarian
A_249 Space Harrier (w/ extra levels)
A_249 Rally Cross
A_249 Pinball Magic
A_250 Necron
A_250 Boulderdash Construction Kit
A_251 Spy vs. Spy III: Arctic Antics
A_251 Paris Dakar 1990
A_251 Mean 18 w/ Course Architect
A_252 Warhead
A_252 Tom and Jerry
A_253 World Championship Boxing Manager
A_253 Bridge Player 2000
A_254 Peter Pan (French)
A_254 Impossible Mission II
A_255 Risk
A_255 Mouth Trap
A_255 Jigsaw Puzzle Mania
A_256 (STE v.2)
A_256 Shufflepuck Cafe
A_256 League Challenge
A_257 Terrorpods
A_257 Shinobi
A_257 Clown-o-Mania
A_258 STOS Skate Tribe
A_258 STOS Skystrike
A_258 Explode Game
A_258 Virus
A_258 Fruit Machine
A_258 STOS The Rush
A_259 Rainbow Warrior
A_260 Legend Of The Sword
A_260 The Toyottes
A_261 Impossamole
A_261 Ninja Spirit
A_261 Wanderer 3D (needs 3D glasses)
A_262 P47 Mustang
A_263 Midwinter
A_264 (STE v.2)
A_264 War in Middle Earth
A_265 Astate: Le Malediction des Templiers (French)
A_265 STOS Yahtzy
A_265 Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood
A_266 Pirates! w/ docs
A_268 (STE v.2)
A_268 The Grail
A_268 Fire Brigade w/ docs
A_269 E-Motion
A_269 Cloud Kingdoms
A_269 Infestation w/ docs
A_269 Zener w/ docs
A_270 Microleague Baseball
A_270 King of Chicago
A_271 Starflight
A_272 Mixed Up Mother Goose
A_272 221B Baker Street
A_272 Tunnel Vision
A_272 ST Wars
A_273 Eskimo Games
A_273 Conqueror
A_273 Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio
A_273 Score Four
A_274 Protector
A_274 Arena
A_274 Beach Volley
A_275 Crack Down
A_276 Soldier 2000
A_276 Atomix
A_276 Aquanaut w/ docs
A_276 Castle Master 2: The Crypt
A_276 Espionage
A_277 World Games
A_277 Course Winner v3
A_277 The Election Programme
A_277 Deathstar
A_277 Chaos Strikes Back Editor
A_277 Bloodwych Character Editor
A_278 Battle Chess
A_278 Deluxe Strip Poker 2
A_279 Corsarios
A_279 Macadam Bumper
A_279 Livingstone II
A_279 Milestone
A_280a After the War (a)
A_280a STOS Crystal Caverns
A_280b After the War (b)
A_280b Dan Dare III: The Escape
A_281 Hot Rod
A_281 Manchester United
A_282 Time
A_283 (Doc Disc - Game Solutions and Codes)
A_283 Kings Quest III: To Heir is Human
A_283 Cheetah File Copy System v1.1 (utility)
A_284a Manhunter: New York (a)
A_284b Manhunter: San Francisco (a)
A_284c Manhunter: New York (b)
A_284c Manhunter: San Francisco (b)
A_285 Warp
A_285 Italy 1990
A_285 Chaos Strikes Back Maps
A_286 Heavy Metal
A_286 Cyberball
A_286 Sliding Block Puzzle
A_287 Xenomorph
A_288 Continental Circus
A_288 Bubble Ghost +
A_288 Twylyte
A_289 Count Duckula
A_289 STOS Cartoon Capers
A_290 Oil Imperium (needs to be in both drives)
A_290 Hollywood Poker
A_290 Stone-Age Deluxe
A_290 Stone-Age
A_290 (Docs for Conqueror)
A_291 Klax
A_291 Tin Tin on the Moon (release version)
A_291 Strikey
A_291 Dr. Zock
A_292 Skidz
A_292 Sim City
A_293 Resolution 101
A_293 Planet of Lust
A_294a Leisure Suit Larry 2 (a)
A_294b Damocles: Mercenary II
A_294b Leisure Suit Larry 2 (b)
A_295a Gold Rush! (a)
A_295b Time-Wanderer
A_295b Gold Rush! (b)
A_296 Hammerfist (parts 1 and 2)
A_296 Graffiti Man
A_297a Tennis Cup
A_297a Prophecy I: The Viking Child (a) (boot/intro)
A_297b Prophecy I: The Viking Child (b) (game data)
A_298 In Eighty Days Around the World
A_298 Slaygon
A_299 The Persian Gulf Inferno
A_299 The Third Courier
A_300 Dragons Breath
A_301 Fighting Soccer
A_301 Treble Champions
A_301 Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (w/ Editor)
A_301 Bank-It
A_301 The Toxic Formatter v2.0
A_302 Test Drive
A_302 Exterminate
A_302 Onyx
A_302 SEUCK Zog
A_302 Warlock
A_303 Motorway Death
A_303 The Three Musketeers
A_304 Star Trek The Next Generation: Encounter at Arcturus
A_304 Space Harrier II
A_304 The Final Frontier
A_305 Uninvited
A_305 Nova
A_305 Space Blob
A_306 To Be On Top
A_306 Dynasty Wars
A_306 Ace Invaders
A_307 Iron Lord
A_308 Run The Gauntlet
A_308 Tower of Babel
A_309 Pub Trivia Simulator
A_309 Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True
A_309 Power Struggle
A_309 STOS Bumber Jacker
A_309 STOS Fia (German or Dutch or Finnish?)
A_310 Hoyle Official Book of Games Vol. 1
A_310 Animal Kingdom
A_311 Power Drift
A_311 STOS Mr. Dig
A_311 Dogfight
A_311 Solutions Disk
A_312 Phoenix (French)
A_312 Logo
A_312 Pyramax
A_313 Flood
A_313 Thunderstrike
A_314a Police Quest II: The Vengeance (a)
A_314a Imperium
A_314b Police Quest II: The Vengeance (b)
A_315a Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon (a)
A_315a STOS Tank Battle
A_315a Light Cycles
A_315b Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon (b)
A_316 The Lift: Anglais Pratique
A_316 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
A_316 Parabellum
A_317 Anarchy (fixed for 1 Meg)
A_317 Exodus
A_318 Fire and Brimstone
A_318 Robotz
A_318 Match
A_319a The Ninja Warriors (a)
A_319b The Ninja Warriors (b)
A_319c The Ninja Warriors (c)
A_320 Domination
A_320 Block Out
A_320 Defenders of the Earth
A_320 Italy 1990 Winners Edition
A_321 James Pond: Underwater Agent +
A_321 Warlock: the Avenger
A_321 International Ice Hockey
A_322 Sim City extra cities
A_322 Le Margoulin
A_322 Deluxe Strip Poker
A_323a Chrono Quest (Explora) (a)
A_323a Zenith
A_323a Rocket Racer
A_323b Bolo
A_323b TechMate Chess v1.13
A_323b Chrono Quest (Explora) (b)
A_324 Journey to the Center of the Earth
A_324 Cascade Disk 15
A_325 Tass Times in Tonetown
A_325 Football Crazy v1.07
A_326 Combo Racer
A_326 The Punisher
A_327 Never Mind
A_327 Bureaucracy
A_328 Colorado
A_329 TCB Tracker Sound Utilities (Soundtracker Menu)
A_330 Cobra 2
A_330 Magic Lines
A_331 Starblade
A_331 Player Manager
A_331 SID-68K for GEMDOS
A_332 Venus: The Flytrap
A_332 Pukadu
A_333 Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas
A_333 Victory
A_334 Psion Chess v2.0
A_334 Chess Player 2150
A_334 Colossus Chess
A_335a Shadow Warriors (a)
A_335a Scramble Spirits
A_335b Shadow Warriors (b)
A_336 Midnight Resistance
A_336 Everton FC Intelligensia
A_337a Leisure Suit Larry III (a)
A_337b Leisure Suit Larry III (b) (no menu)
A_338 Mad Show
A_338 Solo
A_338 Tiny Stuff 3.4/Tiny View 4.21
A_338 PIECE for Pack-Ice v1.11
A_338 Andelos 68000 Assembler SEKA v2.3
A_339 Satan Game 1 and 2
A_339 Do! Run Run
A_339 Card Addict
A_339 Where is It?
A_339 Atoms
A_340 The New Zealand Story
A_340 Dragon Ninja
A_341 Oriental Games
A_342 World Soccer
A_342 Back To The Future Part II
A_342 Hyperforce
A_343 Prison
A_343 Mad Professor Mariarti
A_343 Turtle Table Tennis Simulation (German)
A_344 Secret Agent
A_344 Days of Thunder
A_344 TurtleGrooves
A_344 Fourfit
A_344 The Mill
A_345 Fred
A_345 STOS Skiing Contest
A_345 Flight Simulator 2 Scenery Disk: Japan
A_346 Powerboat
A_346 Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder
A_346 SEUCK Spacewolf
A_346 SEUCK Striker
A_346 Miami Mice
A_347 Dark-Sat
A_347 Beverly Hills Cop
A_348 Rings of Medusa
A_348 S.T.A.G.
A_349 GATO Class Submarine
A_350 Future Bike
A_350 Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters
A_350 Realistic Video Poker 3.0
A_351 Rotox
A_351 Dragon Spirit
A_352 Shadowgate
A_352 Monopoly
A_352 Plotting (demo)
A_352 Fantasia (demo)
A_353 Roy of the Rovers
A_353 Volleyball Simulator
A_353 Sinclair ZX81 Emulator
A_354 Space Rogue
A_354 Bounty Hunter
A_354 Balance of Power: Geopolitics in the Nuclear Age
A_354 Rotatus w/ docs
A_355 The Spy Who Loved Me
A_355 Subbuteo
A_355 Stock Market
A_356 Shadow of the Beast
A_357 Plotting
A_357 Theme Park Mystery
A_357 Falcon Mission Disk Vol. II
A_358 Khalaan
A_358 Tark Simmons Priestess of the First Church in Her Battle Against the Demon of Dark Desire
A_359 Sonic Boom
A_359 Pro Powerboat Simulator
A_359 Invasion Typing Tutor
A_360 Fireball
A_360 Cricket Captain
A_361 STOS Xalaracx
A_361 May 1940
A_361 Blitzkrieg
A_361 Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness w/docs
A_361 Everton FC Intelligensia w/ docs
A_362 Magic Fly
A_362 Rick Dangerous 2
A_362 Yolanda
A_363 The Last Ninja 2: Back With a Vengeance
A_363 The Light Corridor
A_363 Mission Deadzone
A_364 Astro Marine Corps
A_364 Steigar
A_364 Ruff and Reddy in the "Space Adventure"
A_365 Gremlins 2: The New Batch
A_365 Extase
A_365 (Docs for Operation Stealth)
A_366 Team Yankee w/ docs
A_366 Sophelite
A_367 Perplexia: The Original Hybrid v3.6 w/ docs
A_368 Jinxter
A_368 Tetris (Shareware version)
A_368 Lazerball
A_369 Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain w/ editor
A_369 Quest for Galaxia
A_370 Darkland (French)
A_370 Col-Tris
A_371a The Final Battle (a)
A_371a Snowstrike
A_371a (Docs for Federation Quest 1: BSS Jane Seymour)
A_371b Federation Quest 1: BSS Jane Seymour (a)
A_371b The Final Battle (b)
A_371c Federation Quest 1: BSS Jane Seymour (b)
A_372a Time Machine
A_372a Night Breed (a)
A_372a Rogue II: Return to the Dungeon
A_372b Night Breed (b)
A_373 Dragon Breed
A_373 International 3D Tennis
A_374a Gold of the Aztecs (a)
A_374a Renaissance 1
A_374b Gold of the Aztecs (b)
A_375 Grimblood
A_375 The Teller
A_375 Chess Simulator
A_376 9 Lives
A_376 No Exit
A_377 Nitro
A_377 Murder
A_378 Hong Kong Phooey
A_378 Moon Blaster
A_378 The Final Conflict
A_379 Atomic Robo-Kid
A_380 Tusker
A_380 Skatewars
A_381 Dragonlord
A_381 Fire Rescue (French)
A_382 Legend of the Lost
A_382 Windsurf Willy
A_383a Murders in Space (a)
A_383a Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge
A_383a STOS Caves of Rigel (a)
A_383b Murders in Space (b)
A_383b STOS Caves of Rigel (b)
A_384 Torvak the Warrior w/ docs
A_384 STOS Gran Prix
A_385 M1 Tank Platoon
A_385 Vaxine
A_385 TOS v2.0
A_386 Simulcra
A_386 Turn It
A_386 Body Shop: The Human Anatomy Tutor
A_387 Ra
A_387 Mig-29 Soviet Fighter
A_387 Pop Music Challenge
A_388a Panza Kick Boxing (a)
A_388a Llamatron 512k
A_388b Panza Kick Boxing (b)
A_388b Llamatron 1 meg w/ docs
A_389 Prince of Persia
A_390 Paradroid 90
A_390 ATF II (Advanced Tactical Fighter II)
A_391 Saint Dragon
A_391 Championship Run
A_392 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles
A_392 Badlands
A_393a Mean Streets (a)
A_393a Strider II w/ docs
A_393b Mean Streets (b) docs
A_394 Mystical
A_394 Welltris
A_395 The Amazing Spiderman
A_395 Sliders (French)
A_395 Location Crisslefridge w/ docs
A_396 RoboCop 2
A_396 Cabal
A_397 Narco Police
A_397 Puzznic
A_397 Loopz
A_397 STOS Forest Fire
A_398 Corporation
A_399 Golden Axe
A_399 Edd the Duck!
A_399 (Docs for Corporation)
A_400 Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe
A_400 Spindizzy Worlds
A_400 Cadenza Bog v1.2 w/ docs
A_400 ST Poker Royale v1.1
A_401 Battlemaster
A_402 Flip-it & Magnose: Water-Carriers from Mars
A_402 Manix 1990
A_402 Twixt Phonelink Game w/ docs
A_403 Time Race (French)
A_403 Web of Terror
A_403 3 Card Brag w/ docs
A_404 Gazza II
A_404 Striker
A_404 International Soccer Challenge
A_405 Battle Command
A_405 Dizzy: Fantasy Worlds
A_405 (Docs to Nitro, M1 Tank Platoon, and Oriental Games)
A_406 UN Squadron
A_406 Future Basketball w/ docs
A_407 Builderland: The Story of Melba
A_407 Heat Wave: Offshore Superboat Racing w/ docs
A_408 The Magician
A_408 Botics
A_408 (Map & cheats for Simulcra)
A_408 (Cheat for Spiderman)
A_409 Badlands Pete
A_410 S.T.U.N. Runner
A_410 Advanced Ski Simulator
A_411 VooDoo Nightmare
A_411 Spellfire the Scorcerer
A_411 (Docs for Super Cars, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles)
A_412 The Chronicles of Omega
A_412 Defender II (Yak version - includes Defender and Stargate)
A_412 Fast Food
A_413 Advanced Destroyer Simulator
A_413 Hac Man II (1 meg) w/ docs
A_413 JAWS (Just Another War In Space)
A_414 Ranx
A_415a Horror Zombies from the Crypt
A_415a European Soccer Challenge
A_415a Cadaver (a) (Intro)
A_415b Cadaver (b) (Game)
A_416 E-SWAT
A_417 Xiphos
A_417 Get Dexter 2
A_418a Test Drive II: The Duel (a) (Master)
A_418a World Championship Soccer
A_419 Car-V-Up
A_419 Toyota Celica GT Rally
A_420a (Codes/cheats for Enchanted Lands and Builderland)
A_421 MiG-29 Fulcrum w/ docs
A_421 ProFlight Simulator v1.2 w/ docs
A_422 The Ultimate Ride
A_423 (Docs for Judge Dredd, Vector Championship Run, Black Tiger)
A_424 F-19 Stealth Fighter w/ key reference
A_424 Kamikaze
A_425a Supremacy (a)
A_425a Judge Dredd
A_425a (Docs for Klax, Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters)
A_425b Supremacy (b) w/ docs
A_426 Mortville Manor
A_426 Gettysburg
A_426 (Docs for Toyota Celica GT Rally)
A_427a Wings of Death (a)
A_427a Mighty Bombjack
A_427b Wings of Death (b) w/ docs
A_427b Pang (Buster Bros.)
A_427b (Docs for Airborne Ranger and P-47)
A_428 Curse of the Azure Bonds
A_429 Ivanhoe
A_429 Atomino
A_430 Emmanuelle (1 meg)
A_430 Recovery (1 meg)
A_431 NARC
A_432 Super Grand Prix
A_432 Mickey Mouse: The Computer Game
A_432 (Docs for Pang, Lombard RAC Rally, World Championship Soccer)
A_433 Tournament Golf
A_433 STOS Poker Dice
A_434 Pop-up
A_434 Advanced Fruit Machine Simulator
A_434 ESION XLII Tracker (STE/ST) w/ docs
A_434 (Docs for Curse of the Azure Bonds)
A_435 Fire & Forget II: The Death Convoy
A_435 The Hunt for Red October II
A_435 Solitaire Game Pack
A_435 (Docs for Wrath of the Demon)
A_436 UMS (Universal Military Simulator) II: Nations at War
A_436 STrabble (1 meg) w/ docs
A_437 (STE v.2)
A_437 Revelation
A_437 Crime Does Not Pay
A_437 (Docs for Badlands Pete, Defender II)
A_438 Metal Masters
A_438 Sorry! v1.8
A_439 Masterblazer
A_439 Tee Off!
A_439 Snoball in Hell
A_440 Line of Fire
A_440 Insects in Space
A_441 Aquanaut
A_441 Helter Skelter 1990
A_442a Ghostbusters II (a) w/ docs
A_442b Ghostbusters II (b)
A_442b Test Drive II Muscle Cars Data Disk
A_442b Little Puff in Dragonland
A_442b (Docs for Powermonger, Winter Olympiad, Dungeon Master, Falcon F-16 Mission Disk 1)
A_443 Ascot w/ Editor
A_443 STOS Boxing Champ
A_443 Dizzy Lizzy w/ docs
A_444 The Pawn
A_444 STOS A Froggy Day in London Town
A_444 STOS Red War
A_444 (Docs for E-Motion, Jumping Jackson)
A_445 Frontline w/ docs
A_445 Blockbuster w/ Editor
A_446 Total Recall w/ docs
A_446 Team Suzuki
A_446 (Docs for Leonardo, Flip-It & Magnose, Dragon Breed)
A_447 Operation Harrier
A_447 Angel Nieto Pole 500
A_447 (Docs for Secret of Steel, The Lost Patrol, Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation)
A_448 Turrican
A_448 Chips Challenge
A_449 Turrican II
A_450 Chambers of Shaolin
A_450 Yogi Bear & Friends in The Greed Monster
A_450 (Docs to Murders in Space, Vaxine)
A_451 Operation Neptune (US version)
A_451 Merchant Colony
A_451 Super League Soccer
A_452 Feudal Lords
A_452 Billy Bounce
A_452 Locomotion
A_452 Sol Negro - Male
A_452 Sol Negro - Female
A_453 Viz
A_453 T-Bird
A_453 Douglas Rockmoor
A_454 Night Shift w/ docs
A_454 Matrix Marauders
A_455a Elvira (a)
A_455b Elvira (b)
A_455c Elvira (c)
A_455d Elvira (d)
A_455e Elvira (e)
A_456a Ice and Fire: The Wizards (a) (Loader, Disks B & C)
A_456b Ice and Fire: The Wizards (b) (Disk A)
A_456b Lost Dutchman Mine
A_457 Fighter Bomber w/ docs
A_457 Damocles Mission Disk 1
A_457 (Docs for Spectrum 512)
A_458 Purple Saturn Day
A_458 Lords of Conquest
A_459a The Killing Game Show (a)
A_459a Blazing Thunder
A_459b The Killing Game Show (b) w/ docs
A_460 Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz
A_460 Cohort: Fighting for Rome
A_460 STOS Bert the Squirt
A_460 Go Player
A_461 Omnicron Conspiracy
A_461 Backgammon Royale
A_461 STOS Guided Missile
A_462 Great Courts 2
A_462 Sim City Terrain Editor
A_462 Autorama
A_463a Loom (a) (disks 1 & 2)
A_463b Loom (b) (disks 2 & 3)
A_463b Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 7 w/ docs
A_464a Targhan
A_464a Personal Nightmare (Elvira) (a)
A_464b Compendium
A_464b Personal Nightmare (Elvira) (b)
A_464c Sidewalk
A_464c Personal Nightmare (Elvira) (c)
A_465 Hill Street Blues (1 meg)
A_465 Penguin
A_465 Football Genius
A_466a Legend of Faerghail (a) w/ docs
A_466a Top Cat
A_466b Legend of Faerghail (b)
A_466b Paladin
A_467a Brat (a)
A_467a Ninja Rabbits
A_467a Afrika Corps
A_467a Super Game
A_467b Brat (b)
A_468 Nam 1965-1975 w/ docs
A_468 Triple Yahtzee
A_469 Moonshine Racers (a)
A_469a Super Cars II
A_469a Moonshine Racers (b)
A_470 Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk 11: Lake Huron & Detroit w/ docs
A_470b Z-Out
A_471 Ooze: Creepy Nights
A_471 Tangram w/ docs
A_472 Kickoff 2: Final Whistle
A_472 IPlay 3-D Soccer
A_472 (Docs for Targhan, Paladin)
A_473 Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation
A_473 Italy 1990 (Codemasters)
A_474 Back to the Future Part III
A_474 Empire Builder
A_475 California Games
A_475 Skull and Crossbones
A_476a Gods (a) w/ docs
A_476a Navy SEALs
A_476a Creepy, You Will Never Escape My Friend
A_476b Gods (b)
A_476b (Docs to Fast Lane, Virus, Thunderbirds, Wicked, Sky Chase, Tecno Cop)
A_477a Predator 2 (a)
A_477b Predator 2 (b)
A_477b Shadow Dancer
A_478a Awesome (a)
A_478a Car-VUP: The Final Frontier
A_478a Blockbuster
A_478b Awesome (b) w/ docs
A_479 Heroes of the Lance
A_480 Toki
A_480 Kickoff 2: Final Whistle Winning Tactics data disk
A_481 Gem Stone Legend
A_481 Colony
A_482 Gold of the Americas
A_482 STOS Spaced Weller
A_483a The Final Day
A_483a The Secret of Monkey Island (a)
A_483b Lords of Chaos
A_483b The Secret of Monkey Island (b)
A_483c Oilmania
A_483c The Secret of Monkey Island (c)
A_483d STOS Soccer Glory
A_483d The Secret of Monkey Island (d)
A_484a The Search: A Computer Aided Historical Investigation
A_485 Frenetic
A_485 Logical
A_486 STOS Hypnotic Land (Italian)
A_486 STOS Fatal Error
A_486 (Solution for Monkey Island)
A_487 STOS Hockey Pista (Italian)
A_487 Nautilus (non-English -- some kind of Scandinavian?)
A_488 Lode Runner
A_488 Stormball
A_488 (Various different packing utilities)
A_489 Hydra
A_489 The Ball Game
A_489 (Automation Boot Sector Examiner utility)
A_490 Hero Quest
A_490 A Prehistoric Tale
A_491 England Champs
A_491 Super Soccer Challenge
A_491 STOS Trainset w/ docs
A_492 Metal Mutant
A_492 STOS Soko ST
A_493 Fire Mission
A_493 The 3D Construction Kit Featuring Freescape II
A_493 Pacman ST
A_494 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Coloring Book
A_494 Pools v3.02 (betting)
A_495 Powermonger
A_495 (Cheat for Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator)
A_496 Violator
A_496 Super Monaco Grand Prix
A_496 (Docs for Fast Lane, Times of Lore)
A_497 RBI Baseball 2
A_497 Interchange
A_498 Manchester United: Europe
A_498 Radio Controlled Racers
A_499a Geisha (a)
A_499a Derrick The Droid
A_499b Oil Imperium v2.0
A_499b Puzzmania
A_499b Avina Blue
A_499b Geisha (b)
A_500b Booly
A_500b F-15 Strike Eagle II
A_500c Gravity
A_500c Cadaver Extra Level
A_500d Apprentice
A_500d Arcade Trivia Quiz
A_500e Conquest w/ docs
A_500e Playhouse Strip Poker
A_500e2 Colossal Adventure, Level 9 Adventures
A_500e2 Dungeon Adventure, Level 9 Adventures
A_500e2 Adventure Quest, Level 9 Adventures
A_500e2 Snowball, Level 9 Adventures
A_500e2 Return to Eden, Level 9 Adventures
A_500e2 Worm in Paradise, Level 9 Adventures
A_500f Traders (German)
A_500f Kubysimus (German)
A_500g Baby Jo
A_500g Crash 2000
A_500g Fort Apache
A_500h Pop Eyed/Talespin
A_500i Exterminator
A_500i International Championship Athletics
A_500j Talespin
A_500j Lee Enfield: Space Ace
A_500j The Exorcist II antivirus utility
A_500k Cold Revenge w/ docs
A_500k Daze Aster
A_500la Prehistorik (a) (must be in drive A)
A_500la Swiftar
A_500lb Prehistorik (b) (must be in drive B)
A_500lb Sky Strike w/ docs
A_500lb The Power
A_500m Full Count Baseball
A_500m Erica Jigsaw
A_500m SlowTrek w/ docs
A_500m STOS Startrek w/ docs
A_500m Xebec
A_501 Big Game Fishing (Italian)
A_501 Burger Man
A_502 Hero! (1 meg) w/ docs
A_502 3-D Soccer Link Pack
A_502 Missile Alert w/ docs
A_503 MegaTraveller I: The Zhodani Conspiracy
A_504 Monster Business
A_504 Crystals of Arborea
A_505 Fallen Angel w/ docs
A_505 The Blues Brothers
A_505 System-4: Mister
A_505 (Docs for Stack-Up)
A_506 Rod-Land
A_506 Scooby & Scrappy Doo
A_507 Chuck Rock
A_508 Life and Death
A_509 Time Soldiers
A_509 Titantic Blinky
A_510 Harley Davidson Motorcycles
A_510 Head Over Heels
A_511 Mercs
A_511 Chuck Rock One-Stage Demo
A_512 England Championship Special
A_512 Challenge Golf
FOF_001 Eskimo games
FOF_001 Scramble spirits
FOF_002 Lancaster
FOF_003 Black Tiger
FOF_003 Space Harrier II
FOF_004 Castle Master
FOF_004 Infestation
FOF_004 Kid Gloves Trained
FOF_005 Empire o/t Mines
FOF_005 Pinball Magic
FOF_005 Toyottes
FOF_006 Bubble Ghost+
FOF_006 Leaving Teramis
FOF_007 Rockstar Ate My Hamster
FOF_007 Warhead
FOF_008 Atomix
FOF_008 Fred
FOF_009a Operation Thunderbolt (Disk 1)
FOF_009b Midwinter
FOF_009b Operation Thunderbolt (Disk 2)
FOF_010 Lode Runner
FOF_010 Ninja Spirit
FOF_010 Spitting Images
FOF_011 Crack Down
FOF_011 Piece
FOF_012 Manchester United
FOF_012 The Persian Gulf Inferno
FOF_013 Tennis Cup
FOF_014 Escape f/t Planet o/t Robot Monsters
FOF_014 Chase HQ
FOF_015 Cyberball
FOF_015 Dan Dare 3
FOF_015 Menue 10 Fix
FOF_016 Cloud Kingdoms
FOF_016 Time Soldier
FOF_017 Charts of April 1990
FOF_017 Hammerfist
FOF_017 Tie Break
FOF_018a Chrono Quest 2 (Disk 1)
FOF_018b Chrono Quest 2 (Disk 2)
FOF_019 Harricana
FOF_019 Espionage
FOF_020 Renaissance
FOF_020 Rings of Medusa
FOF_021 A. P. B.
FOF_021 Starblade
FOF_022 Theme Park Mystery
FOF_023 Fire and Brimstone
FOF_023 Hyperforce
FOF_024 Dyter 07
FOF_024 Eye of Horus
FOF_025 A. M. C.
FOF_025 Defenders o/t Earth
FOF_026 Heavy Metal
FOF_026 High Steel
FOF_026 Resolution 101
FOF_027 Colorado
FOF_027 Emlyn Huges Int. Soccer
FOF_028 Block Out
FOF_028 Dominator
FOF_028 Dynasty Wars
FOF_029 Pyramax
FOF_029 Rorkes Drift
FOF_029 The Last Ninja 2
FOF_030 Blue Angel
FOF_030 Domination
FOF_030 Rotox
FOF_031 Midnight Resistance
FOF_031 Satan
FOF_032 Quatbol
FOF_032 Venus the Flytrap
FOF_033 Harley Davidson
FOF_033 Shaolin Char. Creator
FOF_033 Universal Pictures
FOF_034 F-19 Stealth Fighter
FOF_034 F-19 Docs
FOF_035 Fire&Forget 2
FOF_035 Oriental Games
FOF_036a Back t/t Future 2
FOF_036a Days of Thunder
FOF_036a Shadow o/t Beast (Boot)
FOF_036b Shadow o/t Beast (Data)
FOF_037 Artificial Dreams
FOF_037 Mad Prof. Mariarti
FOF_037 Time Machine
FOF_038 Magic Fly
FOF_039a Gold o/t Aztecs (Boot)
FOF_039a Plotting
FOF_039b Gold o/t Aztecs (Data)
FOF_040 Sly Spy
FOF_040 The Spy Who Loved Me
FOF_041 Turrican
FOF_041 Turn It
FOF_042 Atomic Robokid
FOF_042 Subbuteo
FOF_043 Cabal
FOF_043 Gremlins 2
FOF_044 A. T. F. 2
FOF_045 Future Basketball
FOF_045 Nitro
FOF_046 Dragon Breed
FOF_046 Spindizzy World
FOF_047 Bundesliga Manager
FOF_047 Rogue Trooper
FOF_048 Badlands
FOF_048 Pang
FOF_049 Teenage Mutant Ninja Heroes
FOF_049 Rick Dangerous 2
FOF_051 Onslaught
FOF_051 Voodoo Nightmare
FOF_052 Dick Tracy
FOF_052 The Amazing Spiderman
FOF_053 Narco Police
FOF_053 STUN Runner
FOF_054 Robocop 2
FOF_054 USS John Young
MBOYS_001 Munsters
MBOYS_001 Fire Zone
MBOYS_001 Tracksuit Manager
MBOYS_002 Teenage Queen
MBOYS_002 Sorcery Lord
MBOYS_003 Ultima III
MBOYS_003 Ultima IV
MBOYS_004 Billiards Sim
MBOYS_004 Adv. Rugby Sim.
MBOYS_004 Captain Fizz
MBOYS_004 Computer Diary
MBOYS_004 Virus Demon II
MBOYS_004 Game Cracker
MBOYS_005 Andes Attack
MBOYS_005 Thunder Wings
MBOYS_005 Batman (cave)
MBOYS_005 Batman (park)
MBOYS_006 Foft
MBOYS_006 Ludicrus
MBOYS_006 Custodian
MBOYS_006 Skulldig+
MBOYS_006 Pool
MBOYS_007 Road Blasters
MBOYS_007 Titan
MBOYS_007 Chuckie Egg 2
MBOYS_007 Raffles
MBOYS_008 Strike
MBOYS_008 Ultimate Arc
MBOYS_008 Action Fighter
MBOYS_009 Robocop
MBOYS_009 Total Eclipse
MBOYS_009 Cybernoid 2
MBOYS_009 Gridrunner
MBOYS_009 Operation Hormu 2
MBOYS_010 RVF Honda
MBOYS_010 Darkside
MBOYS_010 Skulldig+
MBOYS_010 Savage 1 / 2 / 3
MBOYS_010 3D Pool
MBOYS_011 Redheat
MBOYS_011 Stuntman
MBOYS_011 Pool
MBOYS_012 Navy Moves
MBOYS_012 Last Trooper
MBOYS_012 Star Trek
MBOYS_013a Hellraiser
MBOYS_013a Dugger
MBOYS_013b Wicked
MBOYS_013b Hawkeye
MBOYS_013b Licence To Kill
MBOYS_014 Jaws
MBOYS_014 Fobia
MBOYS_015 Murders In Venice
MBOYS_015 Better Dead Than Alien
MBOYS_016 Time Scanner
MBOYS_016 Myth
MBOYS_016 Plutos
MBOYS_016 Megaroids
MBOYS_017 Vulcan
MBOYS_017 Chessmaster 2000
MBOYS_017 Thundercats
MBOYS_018 Castle Warior
MBOYS_018 Driller
MBOYS_018 Mandelbrot Demo
MBOYS_019 Hawkeye
MBOYS_019 Wicked
MBOYS_019 DM Help
MBOYS_020 Weird Dreams
MBOYS_020 Battle For The Throne
MBOYS_021 Licence To Kill
MBOYS_021 Henny Daglish Football Director
MBOYS_021 Aipcord
MBOYS_022 Spherical
MBOYS_022 Leviathan
MBOYS_023 2000 Leagues Under The Sea
MBOYS_023 Gilbert - Escape From Drill Pentominoes
MBOYS_024 Paladin
MBOYS_024 Money Spinner
MBOYS_025 Falcon Extra Missions
MBOYS_026 Red Lightning
MBOYS_026 Empire
MBOYS_027 Astaroth+
MBOYS_027 Space Invaders
MBOYS_028 Rodeo Games Disks 1 / 3
MBOYS_028 Rick dangerous
MBOYS_029 Gilbert
MBOYS_029 Rodeo Games Disk 2
MBOYS_030 Indiana Jones
MBOYS_030 Rick Dangerous++
MBOYS_030 Balance of power 1990
MBOYS_031 Legend of Djel
MBOYS_032 Tank Attack
MBOYS_032 Monopoly
MBOYS_032 Populous
MBOYS_033 Aargh
MBOYS_034 Armageddon man
MBOYS_034 Xenon+
MBOYS_035 Battletech
MBOYS_035 Waterloo
MBOYS_036 F16 Combat Pilot
MBOYS_037 Pirates
MBOYS_038 Bloodwych
MBOYS_038 Macadam Bumper
MBOYS_038 Game Cracker III
MBOYS_038 Postman Pat
MBOYS_038 Indiana MK1
MBOYS_039 Conflict Europe
MBOYS_040 Xenon 2
MBOYS_041a Oil Imporium
MBOYS_041b Fast lane
MBOYS_041b Dynamite Dux
MBOYS_042 Altered Beast
MBOYS_043 Stuntcar Driver
MBOYS_043 Fastlane
MBOYS_043 Saint +
MBOYS_043 Greaves Anals Of Rome
MBOYS_044 Verminator
MBOYS_044 Knife ST
MBOYS_045 Superleague Soccer
MBOYS_045 Grandprix Master
MBOYS_045 Chessplayer 2150
MBOYS_045 Gamecracker III
MBOYS_045 Genesis
MBOYS_045 Snoopy
MBOYS_046 Ferrari Formula 1
MBOYS_047 Super Wonderboy+
MBOYS_048 Grid Iron
MBOYS_048 Quartz
MBOYS_048 Rookie
MBOYS_049 Toobin+
MBOYS_049 Kelly X
MBOYS_049 Pictionary
MBOYS_049 Kings Quest 4 Hints
MBOYS_050 Kenny Daglish
MBOYS_050 Pipedream Dmon
MBOYS_051 Fighting Soccer
MBOYS_051 Interphase
MBOYS_051 Prince
MBOYS_052 Onslaught
MBOYS_053 Asterix
MBOYS_053 Mindbender
MBOYS_054 Austerlitz
MBOYS_054 Gladiators
MBOYS_055 Treasure Island
MBOYS_055 Footballer Of The Year 2
MBOYS_055 Bloodwych Part 2
MBOYS_055 Outrun USA
MBOYS_056 Day Of The Viper
MBOYS_056 F16 Editor
MBOYS_056 Sol Negro
MBOYS_056 Tempest Bellum
MBOYS_057 Sidewinder II
MBOYS_057 Chase HQ
MBOYS_057 Slumlord
MBOYS_058 Trophy Soccer
MBOYS_058 Archipelagos
MBOYS_058 Mouth Trap
MBOYS_058 Fcopy 3.0
MBOYS_059 Hellraider
MBOYS_059 X-Out
MBOYS_059 Spy v.s. Spy
MBOYS_059 Anti-virus 2
MBOYS_060 Super Cars
MBOYS_060 Clown-O-Mania
MBOYS_060 Triton III
MBOYS_060 Conqueror
MBOYS_060 Shanghai
MBOYS_060 Anti-Virus 2
MBOYS_061 Run The Gauntlet
MBOYS_062 New Zealand Story
MBOYS_062 Italy 1990
MBOYS_063 Wayne Gretzky Hockey
MBOYS_063 Ten Pin Bowling
MBOYS_063 Virus Protector
MBOYS_064 Midwinter
MBOYS_065 Rock Star Ate My Hamster
MBOYS_065 Crossbow
MBOYS_065 Sas Combat
MBOYS_066 Warhead
MBOYS_066 Spy 3
MBOYS_067 Gravity
MBOYS_068 Soldier 2000
MBOYS_068 A-Protec Demo
MBOYS_068 C-64 Emulator
MBOYS_068 Space Invaders
MBOYS_068 Biorythms
MBOYS_069 Ultimate Golf
MBOYS_069 Impossamole
MBOYS_069 Animal Kingdom
MBOYS_070 Cyberball
MBOYS_070 Castle Master 2
MBOYS_070 Shaolin Music Source
MBOYS_070 Music Files
MBOYS_071 Italy 1990
MBOYS_071 Count Ducula
MBOYS_071 Atomix
MBOYS_071 Music Files
MBOYS_072 Football Manager
MBOYS_072 World Cup Pub
MBOYS_072 Trivia Quiz
MBOYS_072 Sim City+
MBOYS_072 Blockout
MBOYS_072 Klax
MBOYS_073 Hitchhikers Guide To Sierra Games
MBOYS_074 Pro Tennis Simulator
MBOYS_075 Thunderstrike
MBOYS_075 Starblade
MBOYS_075 Doc file
MBOYS_076 Flood +
MBOYS_076 Music files + source
MBOYS_077 Rorkes drift
MBOYS_077 Tusker +
MBOYS_078 Thunderstrike
MBOYS_078 Starblade
MBOYS_078 Doc File
MBOYS_079 Combo Racer
MBOYS_079 The Punisher
MBOYS_080 Iron Lord
MBOYS_081 Web Of Terror
MBOYS_081 Magic Lines
MBOYS_081 Pyramax
MBOYS_082 Pro Powerboat Simulator
MBOYS_082 Prison
MBOYS_082 Monst 2.05
MBOYS_083 Mr. Do
MBOYS_083 Nitro Boost
MBOYS_083 Yogi Bear
MBOYS_083 Get Dexter 2
MBOYS_083 Robotz
MBOYS_083 Ultimate Game Cracker
MBOYS_084 Back to the future 2
MBOYS_084 Professor Mariarti
MBOYS_084 Game cracker 4
MBOYS_085 World Soccer
MBOYS_085 Scary School
MBOYS_085 Guardian Angel
MBOYS_085 Neochrome Master
MBOYS_085 Neochrome Docs
MBOYS_086 Ruf and Reddy
MBOYS_086 Subutteo
MBOYS_086 Plotting
MBOYS_086 Turmit
MBOYS_087 Shadow Of The Beast
MBOYS_088a Cadaver +
MBOYS_088a Magic fly
MBOYS_088a Helter skelter + Docs
MBOYS_088b Cadaver levels
MBOYS_089 Flip It And Magnose
MBOYS_089 Blinky
MBOYS_089 Game Cracker 4.2 Doc File
MBOYS_090 Turrican +
MBOYS_090 Blitzkrieg
MBOYS_091 Paradroid 90
MBOYS_091 Fruit machine simulator
MBOYS_092 Falcon mission disk 2
MBOYS_092 May 1940
MBOYS_092 Take two
MBOYS_093 Microprose soccer 2
MBOYS_093 Rick dangerous 2
MBOYS_093 Virus Protector 3
MBOYS_094 Monthy pyton
MBOYS_094 Conflict
MBOYS_094 Snowstrike
MBOYS_094 Noise tracker
MBOYS_094 Game cracker
MBOYS_094 Anti virus 3
MBOYS_095 Torvak the warrior Docs
MBOYS_096 Team yankee
MBOYS_096 Curse of ra
MBOYS_097 Captive Docs
MBOYS_098 Lotus turbo
MBOYS_098 James Pond
MBOYS_099a Mean streets Murder
MBOYS_099a Mean Mad Max music + source
MBOYS_099a Mean Mean streets doc
MBOYS_099b Mean streets
MBOYS_100 Super off road racer
MBOYS_100 Cabal
MBOYS_100 Pro soccer 2190
MBOYS_100 Body shop
MBOYS_101 The final conflict
MBOYS_101 Advanced tactical fighter 2
MBOYS_102 Strider
MBOYS_102 Badlands
MBOYS_103 Tournament golf
MBOYS_103 Puzznic
MBOYS_104 Battle command
MBOYS_104 Fast food
MBOYS_105 Xyphos
MBOYS_105 Multi player football manager
MBOYS_105 Xyphos docs
MBOYS_106a Crime wave
MBOYS_106a European soccer challenge
MBOYS_106b Crimewave
MBOYS_107 Turn n Burn
MBOYS_107 Kamikaze
MBOYS_107 Chips challenge
MBOYS_107 Music from Turrican
MBOYS_108 Warlock (the avenger)
MBOYS_108 International ice hockey
MBOYS_108 Little puff in dragonland
MBOYS_108 Revelation
MBOYS_109 Kick off final whistle
MBOYS_109 The famous five adventure
MBOYS_109 Yogi bear
MBOYS_110 Super monaco gp
MBOYS_110 Emlyn Hughes arcade quiz
MBOYS_111 Navy seals
MBOYS_111 Skull & crossbones
MBOYS_112 Armalyte
MBOYS_112 Elephant antics
PP_001 Rick Dangerous
PP_001 New Zealand Story
PP_001 Gridrunner
PP_0012 Gridrunner
PP_001v2 Rick Dangerous
PP_001v2 Head Over Heels
PP_001v2 New Zealand Story
PP_002 Silkworm
PP_002 Ammotrak
PP_002 Elite
PP_002 Myth
PP_003 Maniax, African Raiders
PP_004 Sleeping Gods Lie
PP_005 TV Sports
PP_005 Lombard Rally
PP_006 F16 Combat Pilot
PP_006 F16 Editor
PP_006 Midi Maze
PP_007 Xenon 2 - Megablast
PP_008 Dreamzone
PP_008 Passing Shoot
PP_009 Slayer
PP_009 5th Gear
PP_009 Mr. Heli
PP_010 Populous - The Promised Lands
PP_010 Fusion
PP_011 Dynamite Dux
PP_011 Paperboy
PP_012 Oil Imperium
PP_013 Fast Lane
PP_013 Bangkok Knights
PP_013pt2 Batman
PP_013pt2 Laser Squad
PP_013pt3 Kid Gloves
PP_013pt4a Awesome Disc A
PP_013pt4b Awesome Disc B (I suppose
PP_013pt5a Super Cars 2
PP_013pt5a Moonshine Racers (Disc 1)
PP_013pt5b Moonshine Racers (Disc 2)
PP_014 Ooze
PP_014 Recoil
PP_015 R-Type
PP_015 H.A.T.E.
PP_016 Altered Beast
PP_017 Strider
PP_017 Stunt Car Racer
PP_018 Batman
PP_018 Snoopy
PP_018 Toobin
PP_018v2 Batman
PP_018v2 Space Invaders
PP_018v2 Snoopy
PP_019 Commando
PP_019 Lancaster
PP_019 D.A.S.H.
PP_020 Interphase
PP_021 Kick Off - Extra Time
PP_022 Fighter Bomber
PP_023 Falcon
PP_023 Falcon Mission 1
PP_023 Falcon Editor
PP_023 Bellum
PP_023 Fixed for 512k: PP_023V2
PP_023 Falcon
PP_023 Falcon Mission 1
PP_023 Bellum
PP_024 Switchblade
PP_024 Skatetribe
PP_024 Automation Packer
PP_025 Conqueror
PP_025 Player Manager
PP_025 Ultimate Darts
PP_026 Bubble Bobble
PP_026 Rainbow Islands
PP_026v2 Bubble Bobble
PP_026v2 Rainbow Islands (fixed)
PP_027 X-Out
PP_027 Super Cars
PP_028 Midwinter
PP_029 Infestation
PP_029 Loderunner
PP_029 Turbo ST
PP_030 E-Motion
PP_030 Canvas
PP_030 Art-ST
PP_031 Hotrod
PP_031 Crossbow
PP_031 Fix for PP_012
PP_031 Automation Packer 2.4
PP_031v2 Hotrod
PP_031v2 Crossbow
PP_031v2 Fix for PP_012
PP_031v2 Automation Packer 2.4
PP_032 Warhead
PP_032 Cloud Kingdoms
PP_032 The Cartographer
PP_033 Impossamole
PP_033 Dan Dare 3
PP_034 Atomix
PP_034 Aquanaut
PP_035 Italy 1990
PP_035 Castle Master
PP_035 Castle Master II: the Crypt
PP_035 Defsel
PP_035 Kingdom Clouds Trainer
PP_037 Rings Of Medusa
PP_037 Blockout
PP_037v2 Rings Of Medusa (fixed version)
PP_037v2 Blockout
PP_038 F29 Retaliator
PP_039 Klax
PP_039 Resolution 101
PP_039 A-Debug
PP_039 PackIce
PP_040 Colorado
PP_040 Fix for PP_038
PP_041 Damocles
PP_041 Dynasty Wars
PP_041 Devpac 2.20
PP_041 FastLZH
PP_042v2 The Last Ninja 2
PP_042v2 Nova
PP_042v2 Damocles Mission Disk
PP_042v2 Turbo ST 1.04
PP_043 Flood
PP_043 Blue Angels
PP_043 Pack Ice 2.11
PP_043 Pompey Packer 1.5
PP_044 Rotox
PP_045 F19 Stealth Fighter
PP_046 Venus The Flytrap
PP_046 Yolanda
PP_047 Elite Editor
PP_047 Midnight Resistance
PP_047 Pinhead
PP_047 Robotz
PP_048 Sherman M4
PP_048 Powerboat
PP_049 Goldrunner 2
PP_049 Turn It
PP_049 Laser Squad Editor
PP_049 Airborne Ranger Editor
PP_050 Fighter Bomber Advanced Mission Disk
PP_051 Falcon Mission Disk 2
PP_051 Falcon Cockpit Guide
PP_051 Falcon Maps
PP_051 Sly Spy - Secret Agent
PP_052 Their Finest Hour + Mission Builder
PP_052 F-19 Trainer+Fix
PP_052 Fighter Bomber Trainer
PP_052 Fix for PP51
PP_053 Turrican
PP_054 Time Machine
PP_055 Championship Wrestling/Baseball/Football
PP_056 Monty Pythons Flying Circus
PP_057 TV Sports Football
PP_057 Hardball
PP_057 Rick Dangerous 2
PP_057 Antivirus
PP_058 Proflight
PP_058 Murder
PP_058 The Spy Who Loved Me
PP_059 Chuck Yeagers Advanced Flight Trainer
PP_060 M1 Tank Platoon
PP_060 Lotus Esprint Turbo Challenge
PP_061 Advanced Tactical Fighter 2
PP_061 Nitro
PP_061 Pinhead v1.8
PP_062 Strider II
PP_062 Robocop II
PP_063 Operation Harrier
PP_063 Simulcra
PP_064 Golden Axe
PP_064 Fighter Bomber Editor
PP_065 Pang
PP_065 Puzznix
PP_065 Welltris
PP_066 Chase HQ2
PP_066 Loopz
PP_066 Edd The Duck
PP_067 Battle Command
PP_067 Botnics
PP_068 Defender 2
PP_068 Total Recall
PP_069 Badlands
PP_069 W.C. Soccer
PP_069 Gazza II
PP_069 F29/F16 Trainers
PP_070 Car-V-Up
PP_070 Judge Dredd
PP_070 Fix for PP66
PP_071 Mighty Bombjack
PP_071 Hackman II
PP_072 Mig 29 Fulcrum
PP_072 Proflight v1.2
PP_073 Narc
PP_073 Hard Driven II
PP_074 Team Suzuki
PP_074 Insects In Space
PP_074 Horror Zombies From The Crypt
PP_075 Turrican 2
PP_076 The Final Battle
PP_076 Chips Challenge
PP_077 Advanced Destroyer Simulator
PP_077 Warlock
PP_077 Quick ST 2.21
PP_078 The Killing Game Show
PP_078 Fix for PP77
PP_079 Lemmings
PP_079 STE Fixes for various PP_0menus (according to Menu 80 buggy!)
PP_079 UIS 3.3
PP_080 Navy Seals
PP_080 Super Monaco Grand Prix
PP_081 The Final Whistle
PP_081 Multi-Player Soccer Manager
PP_081 Fixes for PP_0Menu
PP_082 Z-Out
PP_082 Packers
PP_082 STE Fix for PP_013 Part 5
PP_083 Shadow Dancer
PP_084 Hero Quest
PP_084 Llamatron
PP_085 Pro Tennis Tour 2
PP_085 Llamatron 512k
PP_086 Armour Geddon
PP_086 Armour Geddon Cockpit Guide
PP_086 Falcon v1.2
PP_086 Fun 2.0
PP_086 Warzone
PP_087 Metal Masters
PP_087 Ruik+Silva
PP_088 Mercs
PP_088 Fcopy Pro
PP_088 Devpac 2.25
PP_089 F15 Strike Eagle II
PP_090 Flight of The Intruder
PP_091 J.White Whirlwind Snooker
PP_091 Powermonger
PP_091 Audio Sculpture
PP_091 System 4
PP_091 Mono Emulator
PP_092 F.V.K V.2
PP_092 Warzone
PP_092 Rodland
PP_093 Rolling Ronny
PP_093 Whacky Races
PP_094 MegaLoMania
PP_094 FCopy Pro
PP_095 Hunter
PP_095 Lotus Turbo Challenge 2
PP_095 Head Over Heels
PP_096 Mig-29M Super Fulcrum
PP_096 Cockpit Guide
PP_096 Cisco Heat
PP_097 Oh No! No More Lemmings!
PP_097 Hudson Hawk
PP_098 Thunderhawk
PP_098 Spectrum Emulator
PP_099 Wolfchild
PP_099 The Blues Brothers
PP_100 Deuteros
PP_101 Knights of the Sky
PP_102 Populous II (512K Version)
PP_103 Populous II
PP_103 Kid Gloves II
PP_103 Spectrum Games
PP_104 Pacific Islands
PP_105 Parasol Stars
PP_105 Bubble Dizzy
PP_105 Dizzy Panic
PP_106 Powermonger(WW1 Edition)
PP_106 Team Yankee
PP_107a AEpic Disc A
PP_107b Epic Disc B
PP_108a Robocop III Disc A
PP_108b Robocop III Disc B
PP_109 Potsworth & Co
PP_109 MonST V2.24
PP_109 Audio Sculpture source
PP_110 Push Over
PP_111 Steg
PP_111 Erik The Viking
PP_111 CJ In The USAPP_0112 Disc A
PP_111 International Sports Challenge
PP_111 LZH2.01k
PP_111 FCompare 2.2
PP_112a International Sports Challenge (Data)
PP_112a LZH2.01k
PP_112a FCompare 2.2
PP_112b International Sports Challenge (Data)
PP_113 Space Crusade
PP_113 Hero Quest Expansion Pack
PP_114 Lotus III - The ultimate Challenge
PP_114 Devpac v3 Assembler
PP_114 PickFile 1.1
PP_114 Fix for PP_0113
PP_CrpCmpct ST Wars
PP_CrpCmpct Defender
PP_CrpCmpct Tempest
PP_CrpCmpct I-Ball
PP_CrpCmpct Space Invaders
PP_CrpCmpct ZX81 Emulator

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