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22nd July 2024
Welcome to (what was) the largest Atari ST Resource on the Internet
The LGD forums are offline (permamently)
This site is here for nostalgia and archive purposes only.

Game of the Minute
Horse Racing Simulator
Publisher: PD / Shareware
Developer: Budgie UK
Horse Racing Simulator
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I've decided to leave this site online. From a content point of view it is easily superseded by sites like Atari Mania. But it serves as a nice reminder of one of the first major web sites I ever built. And a testament to my love of all things Atari ST.

This little lime green background has welcomed millions of fellow ST fans over the years. Perhaps looking to re-ignite their fondness for the machine. The ST will always be special to me, and for as long as it can, this site will remain alive as a tribute to that.

-- Richard Davey, December 2023

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