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Magic Pockets
Publisher: Renegade     Developer: Bitmap Brothers
Year of release: 1991

Box scan missing - can you help? Magic Pockets Click here to listen to the music from Magic Pockets on-line
Genres : Action / Platform

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ST Format
# 27 - Oct 91

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Matt_B wrote ...2009-09-22 12:06:41
A nice looking platformer and you can't knock the Betty Boo music, can you? It's probably one of the weaker Bitmap Brothers games in terms of how it plays though. Fun, but not even in the same league as Enchanted Land.
Pascy wrote ...2007-06-19 06:21:22
Agreed, this game isn't exactly going to challenge a certain blue hedgehog in the speed stakes, but it had the polish and style we expected from the Bitmap Brothers at the time. You'd be forgiven they'd just re-skinned Gods and tweaked the code a little - which is no bad thing as Magic Pockets is a nice, challenging platformer if you just have a little patience. All the more fun now modern emu's have save states :)
Daniel Vale wrote ...2004-07-18 20:56:47
Anyone remember this game on the TV? Think it was channel 3 or something early in the morning, people would phone in and play this through the phone? Man - this game was great fun :-)
Bazfan is an asshole wrote ...2003-07-29 08:11:03
I do declare Bazfan is a big fat cock who spoils everything for everybody. F**k off Bazfan.
kametyken wrote ...2003-06-29 05:52:42
If you like the game check www.gods-country.de for more infos about Magic Pockets and all other Classics made by The Bitmap Brothers.
Paddy B wrote ...2003-05-16 19:22:57
yes the scrolling wasnt the fastest but did it look really differerent and good and wasnt ment to be dead quick unless on the bike, still a game i go to sometimes now, because for a platform game there were a lot of different features at the time like bike, bubble gum balloons etc, still couldn,t get past level 2 though. Classic game but solid
bazfan wrote ...2003-03-26 14:18:43
Everything is cool, untill it starts moving,OOOOUUUUCHHHHH
Burkhard Morgeneyer wrote ...2003-02-14 06:33:46
On wich COmpact Disc can i find thes Game. Is there any list of Games and where i can find them?!
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-15 07:22:33
Although it was a good game, I have to agree with Feige about the scrolling and the steering. It was like trying to guide a tortoise through a vat of treacle.
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2002-11-12 06:53:22
I have to agree with most others here. This game has the good ole Bitmap Brothers quality. Really good - and I recommend taking a look at it if you don't know this game yet.
Ian Howard1000 wrote ...2002-08-29 09:07:34
I rember when i finshed this.........it took 14 years to do it but i did it
Feige wrote ...2002-02-14 15:05:39
Oh, I suppose I'm a minority here; I don't like this game very much. The steering is a bit slow, I can't remember the music (so it can't be that good), the scrolling was slow and the gameplay didn't make me play it a very long time. If you want a good jump'n'run on the ST, get ENCHANTED LANDS or THE GREAT GIANA SISTERS.
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 00:35:33
Fantastic stuff. I really used to love riding the bike through loads of enemies and getting the quick whirlwind powerup.
guy ross wrote ...2002-01-06 14:51:33
the bitmaps did well to improve presentation-wise from xenon 2, they still had the rhythm king connection to get the AWESOME betty boo (Mmmm... :) ) theme, and it still had the bitmaps fine graphics and excellent gameplay... and the suggestive inflating pocket in the intro... Hmm.
adam midgley wrote ...2001-12-28 16:22:15
i remember this game when i was little it was round my cousins he loved it, but its just them little things i remember the bike, bubblegum and the banging theme tune. CLASSIC.
Redshift wrote ...2001-12-11 10:27:48
Deffinatly another Bitmap Brothers classic. The main character pulled whirlwinds out of his pockets to kill the baddies and you could trap them in a big whirlwind, kill em and they'd turn into loads of sweets! There was also a really cool bike you could ride, lol. Play it now!
Lee Tennant wrote ...2001-11-16 16:12:22
This must have one of the best intro music of any ST game and is very playable and is one of my all time favourite ST games.
triggahappy wrote ...2001-11-15 18:26:04
Yes indeed. This game is a personal fave of mine. Superb graffs and exellent playablity, monsters cute but inteligent (don't giv em an inch). I've got the big box and all the maps, also demos with slight changes on the ice world. Props to betty boo still looks like a stunner. I'd give her one. Yes
Gavin Lee wrote ...2001-11-03 20:15:08
Yep, this game rocks. It rocks so much that I bought it in a box set which has Gods, Speedball, and Xenon on it. And Theo is right about the Betty Boo music. Excellent indeed.
Theodore wrote ...2001-11-03 08:27:33
This was a brilliant game. A highly addictive and massivly playable platform game that provided hours of entertainment. The graphics were impressive. Who can forget the Betty Boo music in the beginning? Certainly not as great as some of the previous Bitmap Brothers games but netherless still one of the best games that ever appeared on the ST. EXELLENT.