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Midnight Resistance
Publisher: Ocean     Developer: Special FX
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Midnight Resistance Click here to listen to the music from Midnight Resistance on-line
Genres : Platform / Shoot-em-up

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# 23 - Aug 90
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# 13 - Aug 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Mayor_Haggar wrote ...2004-07-21 23:48:41
Please moderator. Erase my last 3 posts cos i wanna write a good comment about this classic :) Please..........
Mayor_Haggar wrote ...2004-07-21 23:47:59
too many mistakes in my last post i hope you can forgibe me :) I should have gone over it before posting :)
Mayor_Haggar wrote ...2004-07-21 23:46:39
I agree with all u people who wasy this game is good, a pearl from ocean ect. I come from a 8 bits world, I owned a spectrum +2 and this game amazed me so much that i started to love this kind of games since the first time i saw it on my used for the first time colour tv. About the st version.....i wish i´d have played this versioon from the beginng because if the spectrum version is good this one is amnazing ;) Maybe i´m not objetive enough reviewing this games but............all times are all times people and were them always better? :)
Nuno Pessoa wrote ...2003-08-01 11:25:15
Another pearl from Ocean. Playing as an army man (rambo style), you will fight your way through a large variety of platform stages. The 360 shooting angle gives you full control of the weapon. You can collect keys during the game to open high security chests in the end of each level and acquire bigger weapons (the tree shoots one is the best of all). Despite the inexistence of music along the levels the game doesn't loose any quality. Nice graphics and fx. Beware the spectacular endgame boss and some big surprises during the game.
Womble wrote ...2002-08-04 09:53:17
I loved this game on the spectrum actually - for some reason never persevered with it on the ST - Odd huh?
Antybots wrote ...2002-07-03 11:44:35
Absolute top-notch game. Nuff said.
Brian Gallagher wrote ...2002-05-16 11:27:28
How could ST Format gave this great game 41%? Great arcade escapism.
bazfan wrote ...2002-01-28 13:32:09
I dont agree with alan, yes i luv st,yes i luv amiga too. So this game rocked it really is brilliant,i think both played the same,except the amiga version had better music,obviously.
Richard Davey wrote ...2001-12-11 16:46:31
This is one of my absolute favourite games of all time - I really don't know why either :) I just love the pure arcade action of it. The animation is great, the weapons rock, the baddies are great and something about it just screams playability. Definitely in my Top 10.
alan wrote ...2001-11-11 13:04:26
This is ultimately the greatest shoot em-up that ocean ever made, you will have hours of fun playing this one. Plays a lot better than the amiga version as well as did most st games :) i used to test games for ocean the st ones were the best :)