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Millennium 2.2
Publisher: Activision     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Screen Shot Required Click here to listen to the music from Millennium 2.2 on-line
Genres : Management / Sci-fi / Strategy
Programmer : Ian Bird     Artist : Jai Redman    

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ST/Amiga Format
# 12 - Jun 89
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Aug 89
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# 6 - Mar 89
There is a sequel to this game called Deuteros - The Next Millennium

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

ToYotis wrote ...2010-07-20 17:57:55
Hello again.. Geocities are now off so I re-uploaded my tables here [u]http://toyotis.110mb.com/Millennium.html[/u] You can find me on facebook -> yotisrx7@yahoo.gr
Steve Hall wrote ...2003-09-11 17:21:18
I completed this game sooooo many times.... I remember getting it down to a fine art... 100% rating (every planet and moon probed) all in a day!! By the way, the theme tune is actually Mahler's Symphony no. 5. DEATH TO ALL MARTIANS!!!! By the way, the PC version sucks - get the ST one on steem....
neo wrote ...2003-04-26 17:42:04
http://www.geocities.com/yotisrx7/Millennium.html ...go here and find the person who owns this site and tell him to reactivat his links plez
neo wrote ...2003-04-26 17:40:05
i have been off line for nearly a year and now i am back on millennium has been found by you wonderfull people if you have a working version and emulator can you e-mail me on queenlover55@hotmail.com
ToYotis wrote ...2003-03-22 16:41:11
Download the game from http://perso.wanadoo.fr/hkcisonline/disks/ZUUL195.ZIP in .MSA file format. See my table of resources for every planet from http://www.geocities.com/yotisrx7/Millennium.html
meyeti wrote ...2002-11-13 13:37:30
The game that had threaten my degree... and my family relationship
Martin Fan wrote ...2002-10-31 12:24:09
Fantastic game in its time...nearly cummed in my pants when I heard there was going to be a sequel
ceroomaster wrote ...2002-08-03 05:00:25
DONE it! Found a PC version. Been away for a long time and that's why I've not found it ooner. Goto: http://www.the-underdogs.org and search for Millennium. Part of the problem was that the PC version is called Millennium: The Return to Earth, and not Millennium 2.2. ah well. Ignore the links below now, we started running out of space and had to remove the files. *S*
James T wrote ...2002-06-30 11:11:59
Millenium 2.2 was the first strategy game I ever played, and god is it fantastic, making me a strategy nut for the rest of my life! Anyhow, I posted a beginners guide to the game on my website with loads of screenshots. Also there is an original rom of the game (not a pirate version) and files for four of my other ST favourites (Duteros, Rampart, Purple Saturn Day and Megalomania) http://www.platinumpalace.xs3.com/ But it is free webspace so expect a chunk of advertising.
ceroomaster wrote ...2002-04-30 15:46:28
that posted a bit crap____ so I'll put addresses on again____________________ http://www.ceroo.co.uk/millennium/millennium.rar ____________________ http://www.ceroo.co.uk/millennium/millennium2-2.lha ____________________ http://www.ceroo.co.uk/millennium/auto98.zip
ceroomaster wrote ...2002-04-30 15:43:48
okay, as promised. I put some files on my webspace... (website is actually off-line for a revamp- but the files are still accessable). Millennium.rar is the one which contains the supposed PC version, no idea what an lha file is either (Amiga?) that's there too, and for the ppl who hav had trouble with downloading from LGD, I put up a disc image of Automation Disk #98 which contains Millennium 2.2. millennium.rar--- http://www.ceroo.co.uk/millennium/millennium.rar millennium.lha http://www.ceroo.co.uk/millennium/millennium2-2.lha automation disl 98 http://www.ceroo.co.uk/millennium/auto98.zip files should be scanned for viruses automatically when I uploaded them, the auto98 works fine (I've used it) but, obviously, I haven't yet been able to use the .rar or the .lha (so have no idea what they do contain) -SiD
ceroomaster wrote ...2002-04-28 14:15:09
thanx mapple! will upload it to mywebsite in next couple of days and post the link here...
mapple wrote ...2002-04-21 08:03:37
Ceroomaster: .rar is a divx file (ripped DVD) to 'un'rar it you need winrar. That you can find and download on different places ( see google ). Can you please tell me where you find that .rar file.
ceroomaster wrote ...2002-04-07 14:54:46
I found a site claimin to hav a PC version to download, but it gave me a .rar file which I can't use, i thought it was a WinZIP file (but obviously not) is someone gonna tell me .rar is an Amiga extension and I've actually got the Amiga version (again) :) If anybody can use .rar files, tell me and i can mail it 2 ya
Feige wrote ...2002-02-27 06:49:42
Very nice game which has the handicap of being over when finishing it. But until then you have some fun.
Simon Gardner wrote ...2002-02-11 16:31:07
OK not what you guys wantto hear but I can get this game now. I've been playing it for the last 2 days. But it on an... Amiga Emulator! ARRRRGH!!!!!! Thing is this way works. IF anyone wants to know what software to get just leave a message and I'll post the details. Trust me I only got the software because I felt the need to play this game :)
Simon Gardner wrote ...2002-02-02 09:53:09
Come on Wij where DO you download the PC version. I've been searching all the engines I can think of but all I get is links to the old amiga version.
ceroomaster wrote ...2002-01-17 14:43:00
my favouritest game EVER. why doncha tell us where the PC version is Wij?
Wij wrote ...2002-01-10 10:18:01
There is a PC version. I downloaded it yesterday. Search for it :)
Andy D wrote ...2001-12-14 07:06:24
Amazing game, played this to death when i got it, and still play it to death now. This is one game that'd be worth someone writing a PC conversion of! And if no-one else does it, i'll do it myself ;)
Mark Ashford wrote ...2001-11-06 06:19:11
This is a true classic game, one of those you just have to play until you've completed it, which isn't a real problem as it's such a good game anyway! It has a great story involving war with the Martians and you have to set up colonies on different planets and moons around our galaxy. You must play this game!
James Haslam wrote ...2001-11-03 09:59:27
Excellent strategy game, however I can't get it to run on my Falcon! :(