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Rainbow Islands
Publisher: Ocean     Developer: Graftgold
Year of release: 1990

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Rainbow Islands Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Coin-op Conversion / Platform

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ST Format
# 9 - Apr 90
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The One
# 11 - Aug 89
There is a sequel to this game called Parasol Stars
There is a prequel to this game called Bubble Bobble

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Karen wrote ...2006-05-01 01:10:09
Really good - I seem to mostly remember that you could shoot double and triple rainbows as weapons. It was also the only time a spider has ever been cute.
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-17 03:50:21
This reminded me of Alex Kid but aside from that this was an addictive & fun vertical scroller! The graphics are simple the music a little tiring after an hour, the gameplay is simple but great too! I never quite managed to get past island 6 but had fun trying. The best part for me was trying to gather all of the giant gems.
wIZBURF wrote ...2004-08-03 10:12:07
very good game, played it for hours, knew by heart all secret locations to shoot at to get the fruits and stuff falling to the ground in levels 1 to 3. managed to finish it but never with all diamonds. SO FRUSTRATING, especially as I generally got the the last world w/out loosing a credit but got blocked by the "no continue" feature on the last levels. How stupid I didn't look for a pirate version of the game !
bazfan wrote ...2004-07-25 22:48:14
not quite the arcade perfect port as a lot of atarians claim, but still quite good, again play this on mame, or on the ps1.
Daniel Vale wrote ...2004-07-18 19:53:48
Now this game was just the S**T - Mento - Parasol Stars was sooooo awesome!!! God damn, this game was king, and yes... ST Format DID get it right :-)
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 13:06:53
This, Bubble Bobble and Parasol Stars were like a triumverate of WTF. Very, very fun games all. This one was possibly the weirdest of the three, which is an accomplishment.
bazfan wrote ...2004-01-17 05:55:11
OH MY GOD. STformat actually get it right for a change.
James Church wrote ...2004-01-02 17:57:27
I also completed this game, but on the Sega Master System instead of the atari. i love it on both, and i would like to know where i can get it.
Bazfan is an asshole wrote ...2003-07-29 08:06:26
I do declare Bazfan is a big fat cock who spoils everything for everybody. F**k off Bazfan.
chels wrote ...2003-04-11 11:24:36
i still remember this. got up to level 5 i think and then found that continues didn't work passed that point. for me that was far, and my rage knew no bounds. still haven't completed the blasted thing!
bazfan wrote ...2002-11-15 12:49:31
hey bub u lieing two faced mother fucking asshole of a bastard two faced drugaddicted bastard lieing asshole of a shit stabbing assholing wanking mother fucking sister wasting brother knocking mother fucker, u is a leing mother fucker , end off. i am the only one who completed it.
Bub wrote ...2002-11-15 05:21:36
This is an amazing game, I spent so long on it I managed to complete it and get all the large gems and secret rooms on every level WITHOUT LOSING A LIFE!. The levels are well set out and it is a realy challenge to get the gems in order on some worlds (espically Doh's World, world 5). I still sometimes play it on an emulator but I have lost my touch a bit :(
bazfan wrote ...2002-07-19 16:43:36
Is a cute vertically scrolling platform game set across cute and colorful islands, the idea is to reach the top of each island before the water level catches u up and drowns you.The game play and difficulty is spot on and the ingame tunes are very twee.Please play this if you have'nt already,its a brill platformer...I believe this to have been released on the game boy color,further proof that good games stay around forver.
Karadoc wrote ...2002-04-09 08:45:24
Excellent game. I still play it sometimes, even after COMPLETING IT several times...
jennifer harrington wrote ...2002-04-01 04:44:08
i luv this game its so sweet, me and my sister would play all the time
Chris Campbell wrote ...2002-03-31 19:11:55
I went through more joysticks playing this game than I can remember. Mainly because I smashed them up out of a deeper frustration than I've ever known before or since.If there's a more addictive and annoying game then I haven't seen it. But it's my absolute favorite game ever. To anyone that actually completed it- I admire you but would kill you on site. To anyone that got to the big robot at the end of the sixth island about a hundred times and never killed it- I love you like a brother and feel your pain.
Padraig wrote ...2002-02-24 10:06:48
Lovely game, but it can be rather nerve wrecking if you really wanna collect the gems in the correct order to be able to access the secret rooms... But nevertheless: A must-have!
Chris Bourne wrote ...2002-02-13 18:41:10
Probably the best arcade conversion ever on the ST.
^^Snoop^^ wrote ...2001-12-26 14:12:35
Oh yeah, the music ... I still sing this music in my head!!! Excellent game!
Alex J wrote ...2001-12-21 16:14:41
Hey, The Game With The Giant Spider. Here We Go Back To '91. Not Sure Why It Was Called Bubble Bobble 2 but a classic. You didn't play it - you missed out!
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-19 17:44:30
this is one brill game, i luv the st/amiga versions, but i also love the psone/saturn versions too, excellent game..
The Pacifist wrote ...2001-12-19 17:39:15
Excellent catchy little game. To give you some idea of what it is like, Amiga (!) Power voted it their number one game ever....
DreamCaster wrote ...2001-12-13 13:55:04
Funny littlle game for a while. Just before you realize it is aimed squarly at cildren :)
Ian Brooker wrote ...2001-12-04 16:43:53
Great. Played it for years but never finished. I want it again for my emulator on the PC
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 16:42:09
Oh yer, and that song took me about 4 years of counciling to get out of my head. I can still hear it now, no nooooooooooooo. Bastards.
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 16:40:53
The other game written by two guys, locked in a room together, on lsd.