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International Sensible Soccer
Publisher: Renegade     Developer: Sensible Software
Year of release: 1994

Box scan missing - can you help? International Sensible Soccer Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Football

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ST Format
# 61 - Aug 94

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Thorgal wrote ...2007-09-02 19:34:03
Too bad Sensible World of Soccer (Swos) edition never made it... Best, most enjoyable two-player, footie game ever. Big period!
bazfan wrote ...2004-01-07 18:38:45
even though the amiga version was better, the st version was still good.
Jono Pike wrote ...2004-01-05 11:20:40
Is this some kind of sick, unfunny joke? Amiga version is better
st-reviewer wrote ...2003-04-06 11:44:06
A poor mans version this, the amiga version was far smoother and had continuos crowd samples through out the game, and the st slowed down a lot when too many sprites where on screen, oh and those pitches, how bland compared.
Tony McChrystal wrote ...2002-02-09 21:52:24
MY one regret is that I wish I had the time back that this game took off me! Superb feel and flow to the game. Chasing games really brought the tension and excitement out in this one....
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-19 18:04:47
this is the ultimate footy game, vincent is right about the two player mode, it was hell for leather trying to stay one goal ahead. i know it, you know , the st knows it, everybodys it, that this is the best footy ever,end off.
Vincent Vega wrote ...2001-12-12 08:27:28
Sensible Soccer was something completely new when it first came out. The feel of the ball, and curved shots were simply astonishing and made addicts out of non-gamers! The ball didn't sit to your feet like many other footballgames, and it wasn't completely loose like Kick-Off. I remember my friends and I used to make competitions/leauges and played each other, which is a totally different experience, and often more difficult than playing the computer. The temperature rose to new unseen heights during multiplayer sessions, annoying and psyching out eachother..:DDD - The best footballgame of the before FIFA95.