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Shadow Warriors
Publisher: Ocean     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Shadow Warriors Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Beat-em-up / Coin-op Conversion

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ST Format
# 18 - Jan 91

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Violent_Cat wrote ...2004-07-20 22:31:54
Oh and one more thing "guy ross" you are 100% right that was the name at the arcade "Ninja gaiden"
Violent_Cat wrote ...2004-07-20 22:28:38
I dont know much about that version but this game was so cool maybe the best game at the time atleast the arcade version!
Jeezon Torst wrote ...2003-11-03 19:29:14
i bought this... never got very far in it tho. seem to remember the music being cool, and the guy being able to pull off some limb-busting moves... think i might try and get it for my emulator...
guy ross wrote ...2003-01-26 17:54:09
I remember having a good laugh playing the arcade version of this (also known as ninja gaiden, i believe).. just wasn't quite as much fun on the ST.. another money-making arcade conversion, the like of which swamped the atari & amiga for many a year, taking money from parents and.. oh dear.. i seem to be going on a bit...... anyways, not the best game, but by no means as bad as back to the future III
The Estee wrote ...2002-11-12 09:38:24
Excellent game, yet the simplicity reminds me of Sega's Streets of Rage series. Just like Streets of Rage, this game becomes boring the second time around.
Kwong Wah wrote ...2002-05-03 16:55:48
Perhaps the best looking beat up em ever released on the ST and one of the last. It looked good but lacked any real depth to gameplay.
bazfan wrote ...2002-01-13 16:25:02
1st game on the atari st, that is
bazfan wrote ...2002-01-13 16:24:32
nice gfx ,poor scrolling, one of the 1st st games i ever played, so you know, i did'nt know what the machine was capable of back then, i just know this version wasted the c64 version.