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Toyota Celica GT Rally
Publisher: Gremlin Graphics     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Toyota Celica GT Rally Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Racing

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ST Format
# 18 - Jan 91

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Stevie B wrote ...2003-02-13 04:01:53
I used to love this game....plus it had that feature where you could reverse the steering....i,e joystick to the right, car goes to the left.....a nice option if you completed the game and found it too easy.....also liked it for those digitsed animations of the rally car.....nice.
guy ross wrote ...2003-01-26 17:57:39
not an st point, but the intro tune on the amiga was really cool (lots of wah-wah and fings... very 'indie').... I quite enjoyed this game on the atari, better than fastlane, but not a patch on vroom... mind you, I do like my racing games..
Martin S. Thoresen wrote ...2002-04-05 14:59:56
ST Action Summary: Toyota Rally is an excellent game that is very playable. The graphics are well designed and fast although there is a little jerkiness. Sound includes the revving of your engine and the usual crunch when you hit something that you shouldn't! The option of competing against up to four human drivers as well as the computer ones is a bonus, as you should get more than your money's worth. Toyota Rally should appeal to all racing fans of all ages. RATING = 86%
Mark Ashford wrote ...2001-11-07 06:21:40
This was a good game with good graphics. You could view a map of the stage and set your co-driver's instructions before driving which was useful, and there were three different types of stage - tarmac, desert and snow which all changed the handling. It was very difficult to keep up with the leaders, but I really enjoyed trying!