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Turrican 2
Publisher: Rainbow Arts     Developer: Factor 5
Year of release: 1991

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Turrican 2 Click here to listen to the music from Turrican 2 on-line
Genres : Action / Platform / Sci-fi / Shoot-em-up

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The One
# 30 - Mar 91
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ST Format
# 20 - Mar 91

There is a prequel to this game called Turrican

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Pascy wrote ...2007-06-19 05:59:22
I saw this first of all on my friend's Amiga and it totally blew me away. When I finally got hold of my own copy I was initially disappointed that it didn't have the "Power Up" speech samples of the Amiga version, but what a corker of a game nevertheless. The music is just timeless. I never got round to completing it, so maybe i'll put that to rest with an emu :)
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-04-06 03:42:21
A slight but very welcome improvement to the previous installment.
flimbo wrote ...2006-03-28 16:05:28
www.c64.com for turrican 3 . ccs64 is best emu.
Bornagainst wrote ...2004-11-16 22:39:43
Just a great game. Really tough in parts, but had me glued to the joystick til i completed it - no mean feat - some of these levels are Huge! The opening music is fantastic.
bazfan wrote ...2004-10-13 15:45:32
if you get the c64 emulator, you can download turrican 3 for it, its nothing like the amiga version. try it.....
Daniel Vale wrote ...2004-07-18 20:37:10
With out a doubt the BEST shoot-em-up for the ST with awesome music. I just loved it all! Took me hours to complete when I was little, god, I still have dreams about this one!
Steve Hall wrote ...2003-09-07 15:15:42
Turrican II was (is) one of the most solid, well thought out, exciting platformers ever. The graphics were cool, the weapons were amazing, the powerslide level left me all shakey, and that music - probably the best ever! Pure genius!!
Hanno wrote ...2003-05-25 16:15:17
If you ever see Manfred Trenz, give him a kich from me. Leaving cologne for america - thats Factor 5!
GenFu wrote ...2003-05-18 12:22:38
Turrican 2 was one of my favourite games on the Atari, really sharp platform game. The 'powerdrive' spaceship level where your ship goes out of control at high-speed was always my favourite, pure class! The music was really good too. The only level I didn't like was that hall of bricks thing where you'd always get lost...
Steven Blackburn wrote ...2002-12-26 19:50:45
The music, the graphics, the scary spidery things, *mad* spaceship flying levels, the hidden areas and massive powerups. It had it all, and I even completed it (once). They did a remake on the PC (in 1995) which had crisper graphics and bigger sound... what I shame it was before Windows made games easy - it requires some daft DOS setup.
Georgio wrote ...2002-06-17 11:14:13
I loved Turrican 2 - I agree with everyone here. This game was seriously special! The music was so good - I believe this is the dude responsible for the music (Possibly for the original as I read in a another post a guy called "Jochen Hippel" transfered it over to the ST). His name is Chris Huelsbeck (http://www.huelsbeck.com/).
Danamir wrote ...2002-03-13 17:26:21
best game ever ^^ or so near!
Tony McChrystal wrote ...2002-02-11 19:13:39
Yes this was superb...music, graphics, gameplay...just one thing...jumping up to the penultimate ledge and then falling all the way back down again!!! Nnnggrraaagghh!!!
Nuno Pessoa wrote ...2002-02-11 17:17:19
Flawless Victory! Just brilliant.
dlp wrote ...2002-01-23 13:47:10
its my favourite game for the st. i have 2 original discs but they are both corrupt :( and the ftp-server does not work . what more can i say?
guy ross wrote ...2002-01-16 19:57:31
It is, simply put, one of the best platform shoot-em-ups ever.
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2002-01-15 09:08:27
Nothing more to say: THIS ONE ROCKS!
ManTra wrote ...2002-01-03 05:56:59
I agree with everything said and jochen hippel did a great job on cenverting all music to the ST. :)
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-20 17:50:15
yep, we all agree turrican2 kicks ass, my mate says turrican1 is better, but he's talking out his ass, i know that, you know that,every turrican2 player knows that.
DreamCaster wrote ...2001-12-12 06:46:09
This game takes the grand prize of the all. No other game had such crisp visuals and stunning graphics. But the difference is that I couldn't let go of my gamepad until I had played everylevel of this beuty. A lot of platform feeling and a lot of hidden stuff. Moreover you get a bit of variation wich is more than most games have :) The first time I saw the intro at a friends I knew that it was something different. Play it !!!
Lee Tennant wrote ...2001-11-16 16:06:16
This is probably one of my all time favourite platform shooters and it has the best sound track of any game! I still go back and play this game even all these years after its release.
Voodoo wrote ...2001-11-13 18:05:22
Great music, great graphics and superb gameplay. You just had to keep going back, even just for the music! Nice weapons and level design, and outstanding music! And the music was good too! ;-)
Phil wrote ...2001-11-07 07:38:13
Wow, what can you say about this amazing game? I played it to death and completed it a few time (without cheating). It used to take all day to complete (or maybe I was just bad at it!), and some of the levels were huge! The spaceship levels are a nice break and not too hard or easy. Definately one of my favourite ST games. Don't forget to press space on the main menu to get to the music menu.
Daniel Tolin wrote ...2001-11-04 15:23:32
I definately agree with Maarten here, this is simply an amazing game, miles ahead of it's time along with the prequel. Go get it!
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-11-03 17:00:59
Turrican 2 has to be the best "run & shoot" game ever. With beautifull graphics and great music & sfx - it's a winner! Go check it out!