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Cruise for a Corpse
Publisher: US Gold     Developer: Delphine
Year of release: 1991

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Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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ST Format
# 29 - Dec 91

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Harry Whittingham wrote ...2003-11-30 10:58:12
This was just about my favourite adventure game as a kid. It is the closest you can get to being Hercule himself. A sprawling murder mystery on an old cruise ship, fantastic!
Sokaret wrote ...2003-04-22 10:34:31
Excelenet adventure with a great atmosphere.
Tristure wrote ...2003-03-01 10:59:57
Though it's not the best detective adventure game (Maupiti Island was far better), it is still a brilliant game (it is a lot easier than Maupiti, so many people may even prefer this one). Well, if you have ever dreamt of being teleported into an Agatha Christie novel, this is what you need. You never dreamt of that??? Well, nevermind, try this anyway. Great graphics, good sounds and music, good plot, great atmosphere... Who needs more??
Martin S. Thoresen wrote ...2002-03-13 12:03:43
ST Action summary: Cruise For A Corpse will instantly appeal to the beginner because of the easy to use, mouse driven menu system. The game itself is graphically brilliant with some excellent animation sequences and the sprites are large and move smoothly, enhancing the overall impression of the game. The sound is adequate for a game of this quality and depth, do you? An excellent product that continues US Gold's recent line of STA1 rated games. Rating = 88 %
Lee Tennant wrote ...2001-11-16 16:04:17
This is an excellent adventure game and is different from others around at the time. It has stunning 3D graphics that were ahead of its time and were not seen in adventure games for many years afterwards. If anyone has the rom of this I would be very interested.