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Super Stario Land
Publisher: Top Byte Software     Developer: Not Applicable
Year of release: 1995

Box scan missing - can you help? Super Stario Land Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Platform
Artist : Richard Davey     Programmer : Adrian Keylock    

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ST Format
# 74 - Sep 95

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

John Roblin wrote ...2003-11-23 17:40:09
What a god awful game... Ripped sprites (and the original ones are worse), terrible sound (no background music either), messed up level designs (you know what I mean Gameboy players), no bosses...... I can go on.............. urgh, take it away to the same black hole that Top Byte died in, or I'll tell a certain Italian plumber and he'a no gonna be happy (Momma Mia!) And another thing, ST Format review score 85%?!? I have that edition; it’s the same one that gave ‘Mortal Kombat clone’ Ultimate Arena 86%. If anything it’s worse than STario. No wonder the mag soon disappeared from our shelves- once an interesting thick read written by interesting people; to become a dismal 80 pages of expensive (£4.25 in 1995!!!) pulped tree. TRIVIA ALERT! - Nick Peers was disk editor at that time. He now occasionally works for PC Format and the like, look out for him in the reviews parts of the Future mags. I think the depression of loosing a magazine hit him hard; he’s a portly gent as of late compared to the beanpole (almost Mick Jagger look-alike o_O) he used to be.
SubZero wrote ...2003-05-13 09:46:27
hehe this game was pretty good, but wow doesn't it have an uncanny resemblance to mario!!!
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-02-13 05:40:44
A good game. I called Top Byte on the phone and ordered the game before it was even released. I kept bugging them about a possible sequel after I played the first one. (I wonder if they made Christmas STario just for me?!) They even quoted me later (to my surprise) in an ad in ST Format magazine! I just found out that I apparently have a pre-release, because I got my hands on another original copy of this (with different packaging and disk label), and the enemies looked totally different, as well as the background. So apparently there are 2 versions of this game, not to mention a 3rd in the form of the sequel Christmas STario. It is hard to get over the instinct to go down the pipes, which you can not do in this game, but despite that fact this is an absorbing and challenging little game in it's own right.
Sam Pointer wrote ...2003-02-07 10:46:36
I remeber TopByte; whatever happened to them. I remeber talking to them about selling some of my software I had written though them along with some MIDI port testers I had made and some monitor switchboxes. Nothing ever came of it though.... Still - very good game. Remeber playing it to death!
Rasmus LindŽn wrote ...2001-12-22 14:21:38
I'm just wondering how this can be "Copyright Top Byte Software"?
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-11-14 06:53:52
Hey Richard, I had no clue you were in the game software bussiness...Cool! Super Stario Land is a nice game. It's a bit of a port from the game boy version of "Super Mario Land" , if I'm not mistaking. It nice to have a Mario clone for the ST!
Richard Davey wrote ...2001-11-07 13:08:32
The main character in this game was based on Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip! The rest of the graphics were "borrowed" from Mario! But hey, Nintendo never complained and equally Top Byte Software never paid me a penny for any work I did!