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Cannon Fodder
Publisher: Virgin Games     Developer: Sensible Software
Year of release: 1994

Box scan missing - can you help? Cannon Fodder Click here to listen to the music from Cannon Fodder on-line
Genres : Management / Shoot-em-up
Musician : Richard Joseph    

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ST Format
# 57 - Apr 94

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

doctor shred wrote ...2007-03-15 10:11:48
This should have been an STE enhanced game to sort out the scrolling issues using the blitter chip. I thought it was great until I played the Atari Jaguar version with smooth scrolling. It does make a difference.
bazfan wrote ...2006-10-26 16:53:30
i still declare that st cannon fodder is cack, and those that played this version from start to finish is drunk on mommys breast milk. i think danny fell of the conveyor belt and damaged his tiny little brain.
Danny fell wrote ...2006-10-25 17:37:14
Cannon fodder is one of the must have games for the ST.There no point comparing it to any other format-just play it and enjoy it for the game it is.That Bazfan has been talking utter 'shite'on this subject and has obviously never fully played the ST version from start to finish. I think hes had too many Amiga nerds little cocks firing tiny amounts of sperm up his jacksy and in his mouth,and hes feeling a bit spunk drunk.
bazfan wrote ...2006-07-02 12:28:50
its not about growing up, its not about nailing the st to the ground. Its simply about cannon fodder on the st is pure shite..
Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-01 21:36:40
i'm not one to get into this amiga vs ST thing as i owned both back in the day and even to this day do not understand why people get into these childish things...both machine were great, admit it. But....oh dear.....they really shouldnt have ported this to the ST if they couldnt do it justice....and they didnt....by a long way too.....horrible page flipping, instead of smooth scrolling, horrible blippy sound effects instead of the atmosphere inducing amiga effects....like i said, i'm not one to bash the ST because I loved mine, but i also loved my Amiga and this game was FAR FAR better on the Amiga....anyone who says different is lying to themselves through their loyalty to Atari......admit it.....the Amiga version rocked and the ST version sucked....thats just the way it goes sometimes.
BlueMak wrote ...2004-05-23 01:52:05
Good action game with a twist (control of troops with a mouse). Mission based gameplay, fun, good graphics and sound. Very playable. One of the best games of the last years of the ST.
The GREY wrote ...2004-03-23 14:55:25
Great game with crap scrolling, even I managed a better scrolling routine using gfa basic. :)
SaTcom2 wrote ...2004-03-10 23:57:33
Olivia Newton Johnboy, or, somebody?
Jono Pike wrote ...2004-01-05 11:19:14
Who the fucks that stupid bitch on that mag cover?
Jono Pike wrote ...2004-01-05 11:18:53
Not as good as the Amiga version
SubZero wrote ...2003-05-13 10:23:52
Great game
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-02-26 18:35:40
The whole point of gaming is to play a good game. Cannon fodder is so good that superficial aesthetics like "page flipping" don't mean diddly, and the only version that sucks is the Jag version, with the terrible joystick control (it was specifically game-play-balanced for a mouse). Personally I always prefer to play games on a computer that doesn't crash all the time (can you say Guru error?). This game, on the ST, is up there with the best games of all time for any system. Amiga zealots can go to an Amiga game site to nail the ST's hide to the wall. I don't go to Amiga sites to rag on Amiga. Grow up or something, guys. Or try the "little black guru-error desktop" site. ;)
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 12:02:41
Cannon Fodder can be found on Superior compact disks 160A and 160B.
bazfan wrote ...2002-11-12 17:20:09
Naykon wrote ...2002-09-14 12:53:01
War has never been so much fun.......well...Its alot better now with counter stirike and operation flashpoint, but this game is still one of my all time favourites and i dont see anything wrong with the ST version.
McG wrote ...2002-06-20 08:22:40
16 pixel flips are good for one thing, making you sick. I was gutted the ste version was so bad, the sound fx on the amiga version helped make an atmostphere. I only had an amiga for a while (cos the memory was dodgy) and this was the game I played most on it. The STE's hardware would have lended itself well to this game, and a plain STFM could have coped, I mean it's not like it was laiden with millions of sprites, or even 140 or whatever the st's record is!.
bazfan wrote ...2002-06-18 18:36:08
flip screen cannon fodder, sort yourself out guys
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2002-03-05 06:40:57
Cannon Fodder is a great game...Period! The ST version is very playable and the graphics are completely the same as the amiga version! I do agree on the scrolling and sound FX, which were in comparison pretty bad! But hey, you can't have everything...
MrWrobel wrote ...2002-03-04 10:27:09
Heh! I also prefered ST than Amiga version! Flip screen scrolling is much better for games like CF! The muzax was same like on Amiga (and nice!), gfx was NOT poor and playbility was GREAT! So... ST is a nice gamemachnie, especialy when you got good games lika those from UBI Soft, Infrogrames, Thalion, BlueByte and others....
bazfan wrote ...2002-01-18 11:51:25
you guys, come on you cant be serious, jeez man st cannon fodder, should never have seen the light of day, sensible was taking the piss. dont get me wrong i luv the st and the st games, but st cannon fodder is cack
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 00:00:27
i thought the st version had all the things that made the game good anyway. and the hours of fun shooting little guys around the screen for as long as possible hehehe :)
Martyn G Homatopoulos wrote ...2001-12-26 20:59:41
Personally i prefered the ST version than the Amiga
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-19 18:13:11
cannon fodder on the amiga is one of my all time fave top games, but the st version stinks to high heaven.poor gfx, poor flip screen scrolling, and beep,beep sound fx, come on sensible, was u taking the urine or what.