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Publisher: Lankhor     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1991

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Vroom Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Racing / Simulation

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ST Format
# 29 - Dec 91
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# 70 - Dec 91

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

ichichich75 wrote ...2007-05-14 16:18:35
The mouse control was a pain in the ass but once you got used to it, the game was just DAAMMMNNEEDDD FAST ! ! ! The best ST racer imo.
Stevie B wrote ...2006-05-02 04:25:36
one of, perhaps THE best racer on the ST.....people loved it because it was fast AND smooth and looked good....3 attributes that you didnt always see together at the same time in an ST racing game.....only the Lotus series came close to beating it for gameplay
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-14 04:00:45
This is one of the best racers for the ST! A great sim game with graphics that were good for their time & fantastic gameplay. It took me a long time to get the hang of the pits though. Did anyone else find the jump trick? If you rammed a back marker your car would jump over the traffic!
Grunaki wrote ...2005-12-05 00:15:42
Vroom is on D-Bug disk 113a and Crazy Boy disk 24. I never had a problem using joystick control on any of the modes, on the emulator or on the version I had for my real ST. I noticed that gear changing was harder in joystick mode, as you use the fire button as a sort of clutch and push up or down on the joystick to shift, but in mouse mode you can shift by pressing the left and right mouse buttons and don't need to let off the gas to 'declutch', but both control methods have their pros and cons. This game remains surprisingly playable. I've found I have little patience for some games I used to love back in the day as they seem so basic compared to todays's games (Mostly 3D isometric games - Hunter, Damocles, etc. ), but some, such as Vroom, still seem just as playable. (I think these are mostly sprite-based games.)
Luis Luna L wrote ...2004-08-06 06:10:10
If the best things in this amazing game are its playability, graphics and sound what else can you wish. A must one
BlueMak wrote ...2004-05-24 17:55:48
A very good racing game. One of the best IMO. The Lotus series were great too, and I actualy enjoyed them more for their multiplayer on the same ST. Still, my favourite racing game (and I know I am alone on this one) is Test Drive. (the first one).
zx_b wrote ...2004-04-15 16:16:54
Lotus 3 was the best racing game on Atari ST by far... I have no idea why everyone else loved this game....
zx_b wrote ...2004-04-15 16:16:01
Now this was one of my least favourite atari st racing games.
Lee Tennant wrote ...2003-12-21 11:22:41
This is a good arcade racing game. One of the best parts is going flat out in 6th then raming it into 1st and whatching the mirrors flame. But the best racing sim on the ST is Micropros Grand Prix.
Dma-Sc wrote ...2003-11-05 10:31:01
The best racing game on ST, no doubt. There was an additional circuits data-disk and also a multiplayer version (2 players) which gave this game a huge replay value. Certainly the game i played the most on ST.
Ragstaff wrote ...2003-06-24 08:29:52
I loved the speed, the graphics, and the sound of the engine... it sounded really good. I liked dropping from 5th back to 4th when going up a hill, and it sounded so mean. I liked using the mouse, after I figured out how it worked it was better than the joystick. As with modern 3d shooters, the mouse is better than digital controls (keyboard or mouse). Vrrooommmm!!
Mark Ashford wrote ...2003-05-08 09:29:11
Domark's Formula One Grand Prix was the sequel to this game, and I found it much better. There were twice as many tracks and you could use the joystick in Championship mode too. If you liked Vroom you'll like that one too!
Level 42 wrote ...2003-02-05 09:55:03
One of the best racing games ever. FEEL the speed ! Going up and down hills was adding to the realistic feeling of the game. I prefered the joystick steering...just what you were used to I guess....
bazfan wrote ...2002-10-13 17:09:03
Played this game for months on end, yes its the fastest racer on the st,yes it works best with mouse,yes it had a samples soundtrack at the beginning
akiro wrote ...2002-08-20 16:52:10
This is really the best racing game I've ever played. Talk about speed..!
Peter de Man wrote ...2002-04-26 10:18:09
wow i played it, because of the other positive comments. It IS realy good. You realy have to race! not just steer and follow the track. realy race. About the mouse.. i like it.. its not just gas or no gas.. but you can give a little gas and steer a little.. it super. also fastest frame rate i've ever seen on a racing game on the Atari. this game is about fast racing and skills.
Feige wrote ...2002-02-20 11:51:59
It is the best racing game for the ST, without the slightest doubt. Great 3D and another important thing is, that the grafics are so realistic, you don't need to know the courts by heart to manage them without crashing. There was one bad thing, though: in the trainig session you could use the joystick but the game itself wanted to be controlled by the mouse....WHY??? The joystick-steering was so much better...but rumours have reached my ears telling that there was another version where the joystick could be used? Is this the already mentioned "F1"?
K.T wrote ...2002-02-14 07:12:44
This was one of the few ST(and Amiga) racing games back then that conveyed such a sense of speed. Later repacked and re-released as F1.
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-16 01:23:21
I thought this game was outstanding. High framerate and unusually good sense of 3d for this sort of game.
guy ross wrote ...2001-12-19 19:12:59
I remember being stunned by this game. It looks good, it's sounds good and it's one of the best racing games I've played. That's all I can say, really.
mallevre wrote ...2001-11-08 11:50:54
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-11-03 17:02:56
Never have I felt such a feeling of speed in a racing game. Vroom is the best racer for the ST IMHO. Give it a try...You'll love it!