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Publisher: PD / Shareware     Developer: Volume 11
Year of release: 1994

Box scan missing - can you help? Screen Shot Required Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Pinball

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ST Format
# 63 - Oct 94

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

guy ross wrote ...2004-11-10 01:04:21
Ooer, dave - I think I owe you a fiver! (meant to register, honest I did!..) Should you read this ever again, let me know and I'll pay up! btw, devil crash was the original pc-engine version - dragons fury was the name of the megadrive version. To be honest, it was a damn sight more fun to play using a keyboard.. so your version was the best. :-D
SubZero wrote ...2003-05-13 12:42:55
Best pinball game ever
theSTmetalhead wrote ...2002-11-09 15:08:06
this is the best pinball game on any platform ive ever played !
bazfan wrote ...2002-06-16 18:11:13
Sorry dave, i disaGree i luv the st, and the st version, yeah so the pc had a lot more sound fx and speech, so what,the playability on the ste was far superior, great game...
Dave Oldcorn wrote ...2002-01-31 17:14:17
Thanks, it's good to be appreciated. Pity it didn't make any money (total contributions numbered significantly less than 50) and we were then slightly ripped off with the PC versions (slightly disappointed someone thought the PC version was pants; I thought the PC version was at least as good myself and I had far more fun with the sound FX in particular), but the ST version was certainly more fun to do! It should work on all ST's but it's best on the Falcon where it runs at 50/60fps rather than 25/30fps. And you're not supposed to mention that we got the inspiration from Devil Crash on the Megadrive :)
bazfan wrote ...2001-12-29 18:00:30
This is another one of those games thats deserves respect, ste/falcon only i think. cant say nothing much to add to whats already been said, but this game is brilliant.I also played the pc version, but compared to the original ste version, it was pants...
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-12-12 14:10:54
This is an amazing game! This flipper game has about three different levels, each one above the other one, with they're own mission goals. There are also some hidden bonus rounds, where the flipper game is turned into a shoot 'em up, or even an "Arkanoid" clone! And all of this combined with great graphics and sound, and very smooth scrolling. This one is a unique experience! Really recommended!
guy ross wrote ...2001-11-05 15:01:02
awesome pinball game. plus it was shareware.. AND it was (i think) more fun to play than it's megadrive counterpart (mind you, I did play it on a falcon)