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Road Raider
Publisher: Mindscape     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: Unknown

Box scan missing - can you help? Screen Shot Required Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-03-18 23:56:17
I just bought a boxed original recently. It comes in a very nice folding box, with a plastic insert inside, and a very high quality large manual. This game made me laugh out loud. Not because it sucks, but there is a twisted sense of humor throughout. It starts out with a 2D overhead perspective (Rally X fashion) of your car. You are in some post biological holocaust wasteland (kind of like real life in a few years ;) You go around and blast other cars away etc. The graphics are nice and detailed. There is this weird debris that gets in your way (piles of cars, twisted metal, garbage, etc.) and some of it you can destroy with your gun, which takes several hits. They even bothered to have several sprites to represent the debris pile in the various levels of destruction you cause with your gun. A nice little touch. Then there is an indoor section (you leave your car for this and walk on foot), a "mall", but I think the mall must be condemned because there is a lot of weird biological or nuclear waste kind of piled up here and there, and a bunch of weird soldier looking dudes coming at you from all directions, Gauntlet style. What made me laugh was when I tried to climb into what looked like a shallow little square hole or pit, because I thought there would be an object inside to pick up, or maybe a place to hide from enemies, but it ended uip being like a 30 foot pit. They had this very detailed animation of your guy falling down, getting smaller and smaller, and then this very graphic *splat* as he hits the bottom. Nope, no treasure in here.