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Bug Bash
Publisher: Microtech     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Bug Bash Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action

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ST Format
# 20 - Mar 91
There is a sequel to this game called Doodlebug

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Howard John Dell wrote ...2011-07-07 14:06:02
I remember this game from the Early Nineties when it was distributed with a Atari Magazine.
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-06-25 21:55:39
It's nice to see an original idea once in a while. Since I played the sequel first, which was just another Zool clone, I simply expected a simpler version of the same thing. Bug Bash 1 and 2 it turns out seem to be almost completely unrelated in the gameplay department. And the first is much better. It sort of reminds me of a cross between Worm Whomper on Intellivision, and Choplifter. Maybe the Choplifter is a stretch, but picking up litter and bringing it to the beginning of a scrolling level to drop it off reminds me of picking up the little Choplifter dudes and bringing them to th helicopter base. Anyway, unlike the cludgy sequel, this is both unique and a blast to play. I liked this game instantly, and plan on playing it more in the future. 3 1/2 thumbs up.
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 11:02:25
Bug Bash can be found on Adrenalin compact disk 1, Compilation compact disk 16, Awesome - Elite compact disk 28, Pulsion compact disk 149 and Fuzion compact disk 133.
Adrian Cummings wrote ...2002-06-27 18:07:56
It was good in it's day - honest :)
The Pacifist wrote ...2001-12-19 18:03:01
No. Not good at all. Whose idea was it to link ammo and energy together, so you lost energy whether you ran into a bug or shot them? Takes too long to turn around and the "litter collection" idea just reeks of some form of sponsorship....