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Publisher: PD / Shareware     Developer: Sinister Developments
Year of release: Unknown

Box scan missing - can you help? Asteroids Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Kieren Hawken wrote ...2006-02-14 17:57:40
Sinister went on to program for the Jaguar but only one of their games got released, Painter.
babybear wrote ...2004-02-07 15:46:04
can someone tell me how to get on so I can play games
bazfan wrote ...2004-01-17 12:05:01
sinistar dev. i thankyou for centipede, its the best version on any console present or past, even the actual arcade. cheers
David Cowan wrote ...2003-07-19 08:49:06
Hey Mikey! Hows things ? God, it must be, like, 10 years or summit since I've seen you... how you doing ?
Mike Watson wrote ...2003-06-22 16:48:26
I'm still here dave :) I get to play with servers & databases now.
David Cowan wrote ...2003-05-30 02:56:51
What happened to Sinister ? I finished Uni and went to Dundee where I work for Visual Science (All the EA Sports F1 games, Medal of Honour (XBox+NGC), GTA PSX, Amiga FIFA, etc) Gordon got married to an American and buggered off to Denver (USA) where he works for a bank or something (that reminds me - I really must call him) Dunno what happened to Mike :( I really must dig out my old ST hardware - I know its lying around here somewhere :) Dave
st-reviewer wrote ...2003-04-06 11:22:53
They really are the master of retro recreation, this is an almost flawless copy of the original arcade game, loved it years ago when it first came out, and i still love it today..Whatever happened to sinister anyway??
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2002-11-18 06:40:44
As the original asteroids this one features vector graphics. I personally prefer bitmapped versions more but this one is close to the original arcade machine and therefor worth playing!
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-12 01:04:26
Asteroids can be found on Lemmings compact disk 8, D-Bug compact disk 52 and Special FX compact disk 64.
bazfan wrote ...2002-03-02 14:56:44
Asteroids hey, i remember this.Sinister are excellent at converting arcade games of years past.like Space invaders and MIllipede this is a great game.