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Publisher: Mindscape     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Captive Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Roleplaying / Sci-fi
Programmer : Anthony Crowther    

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ST Format
# 16 - Nov 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Matt_B wrote ...2006-09-04 11:41:46
A landmark game that raised the bar of the genre above where Dungeon Master had set it. I just loved the level of detail in this game; the multifunction monitors at the top of the screen and they way intereference came up on them when you charged up, for example. I think the size of the game is overplayed; once you've got through the first mission you've pretty much seen all that it has to offer, but that alone is still fairly big compared to some of its contemporaries.
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 15:12:12
This is a huge, huge game as mentioned by a lot of you. I loved it a lot, especially visiting random planets and finding treasure for no reason. I loved the open-endedness of this game, and stuff like Elder Scrolls still seem small compared to it.
The GREY wrote ...2004-05-28 11:34:37
In 2001 I was upto mission 2 level 2, now I am upto mission 8 level 9! :)
Panthera wrote ...2004-01-31 13:53:09
My husband and i have been playing this game as a team duo, he runs, I shoot, we cleared over 300 planets or 27 missions if you like and in a recent move we lost the discs but not the codes can anyone help us find it. Just a bit of info for you we rang mindsoft years back and they informed us there are 366, 000 planets roughly to clear. we worked it out that if we cleared one a day for the rest of our lives it would take us till we were in our 80's to finish it. ( only 365,700 to go ) lol.
deadrockstar wrote ...2003-05-23 19:28:13
I live it
Tristure wrote ...2003-03-22 15:08:26
Everything's already been said about it. This is one of the best games on the atari. As for role playing games, it ranks first - just next to dungeon master. Actually it should rank second since DM was really innovative, while Captive took a great deal of ideas from DM. Yet, this game has an unequaled gameplay. How come nowadays RPG still don't have better gamesystems? Captive and Dungeon Master had perfect player interface. In RPG, since the good old days, the graphics have improved, the sound as well... but the interface and the gameplay did not improve... What a shame.
Demetris Leptos wrote ...2003-01-30 21:46:16
Used to play this game A LOT! great in every aspect, never stopped surprising me. I reached somewhere at mission no 4 or 5. But then I got my pc and stopped playing. I don't have the ST image but I had bought the game - actually there were 2 disks. Can anybody send it to me pls. It would really mean a lot to me - i've searched everywhere. I wonna !?finish?! it... if it ever does...
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 12:34:32
Captive can be found on Medway Boys compact disk 97 and Superior compact disks 155A and 155B.
Andrew Vanbeck wrote ...2002-08-17 08:11:48
Captive - the BEST game for the ST, in my opinion for any computer. I spent hours everyday on this masterpiece. Captive totally blew me away with the great interface, the great graphics and sound - and the fact that it is completely infinite, theres over 65,000 levels, and each takes at least 2 hours to complete. I got as far as mission 4 level 6 back in the old days - I'm on level 2 now :), playing it on Steem in a tiny little window, great for killing time when downloading stuff - copying CD's etc. Silene, You can't buy it anymore, unless you got it second hand. Besides - the PC version has really crap sound, I suggest using the Steem emulator like I do. Trust me, the ST version was the best. A quick tip: You can kill anything with your bare hands if you like, as long as you have a 2x2 space you can lure the enemy into. Lure him into your spot, then use sidestep left, then turn right 90 degrees, doing this lets you attack him, he turns round, you slip away, he follows you etc etc etc.
Silene wrote ...2002-07-23 05:47:04
Hello, I am french and I loved this game a few years ago on my Atari ST. I am looking for it to play on my PC. Where can I buy it? Thank you.
Nick W wrote ...2002-03-24 15:38:59
Hehe, this game owns. I was playing Knightmare the other day -- nowhere near as good. No offense if you're out there Tony Crowther ;) What can I say? It's the roaring of your droids' shotguns at an approaching ED-209 that make this game rock. And the exploding reactors... and the rocket launchers... HootMcToot, having pondered that same question for a couple of half-seconds myself the other day while playing Knightmare, the answer is: click your right mouse button on the movement buttons on-screen to push things. CAPTIVE RULES 4EVA!!!
HootMcToot wrote ...2002-03-20 10:28:34
This was one of my favourite games back in my childoohd. I've recently got it on my PC again but am completely stuck right at the start. Theres one of those blocks you can shift about but I can't remember how you push/pull them. Can anyone help? I've tried everything =(
delta19 wrote ...2002-01-30 20:42:02
yes a mega-game! on a par with dungeon master, I hated the guys on fying surfboards! they always got me when I was lighting my fag! boosters activated!
Me2 wrote ...2002-01-09 19:20:59
well this game certainly kept me up late in the morning, one of those games like elite, they keep going and going, but after level 4, things just got 2 repetative, but i did enjoy it why it lasted.
Kwong wrote ...2001-12-30 19:58:42
This game was so good that I kissed my teenage years goodbye to it. Heck I still have the outrageously large maps I drew playing this. Blowing up the reactors still causes the adreline to go thorugh the roof, NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED
The GREY wrote ...2001-12-12 10:57:00
yeah I agree 100%, Captive is a great game, I've recently started playing it again thanks to Steem, I'm upto mission 2 level 2, only another zillion levels to go! :(
adrian lovatt wrote ...2001-12-11 09:50:34
Definately the best game of it's type. Kept me going for many hours.
Thomas Buck wrote ...2001-12-10 07:16:22
The one game that I would want to buy an Atari again for. Brilliant and guaranteed to cause severe distress to one's social life.
Bill Kay wrote ...2001-11-28 17:35:24
I thought this game was great, the only thing was I did not finish it because my mouse broke, and I could't find another one. Is there an emulator I could use, because I still have the game, or does anyone know where I could get a mouse from.
Michael Allan wrote ...2001-11-11 00:59:29
I loved this game. My version had a bug. On the second mission, there was no clipboard so I was always stuck behind a gate. On the web, someone put the details of the clipboard needed to get around the bug. I think a lot of pages should be devoted to this game.
A wrote ...2001-11-09 14:45:17
Captive is the best 1st person RPG I' ve ever seen. Even now I didn' t find better! If you like RPG and if you don' t suffer from claustrophobia, play this game... an experience you won' t forget!
Matt Taylor wrote ...2001-11-08 08:55:35
Pros: The first ever game to boast xxxxmillion levels. An unrivalled graphical interface and novel use of narrative made this game absorbing and life threatening (you should've met my girlfriend at the time!) Cons: Poor sound and the infinite nature guarantees repetition. 9/10
The Caffeine Kid / Neon Lights wrote ...2001-11-02 05:00:46
The best game ever on the Atari ST with the possible exception of Chaos. I played this game for so many hours that its unreal! It got a bit samey after playing for 6 months though ;)