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Carrier Command
Publisher: Rainbird     Developer: Realtime Games Software
Year of release: 1988

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Carrier Command Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : 3D / Action / Strategy / Wargame
Artist : Herman Serrano    

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ST Action
# 2 - Jun 88

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

johnalpha wrote ...2011-04-23 10:27:40
Carrier command. This is the game i played most. Often till two or three in the morning! I liked the time taken between islands - i very often made a drink or something to eat. It was a chilled out game. Don't think there were bugs in mine - it came with computer. Did complete game once or twice, and i did destroy enemy carrier once. I then spent lot of time looking for islands not on map. Never found any
Daniel Rushton wrote ...2007-03-15 14:02:33
How the hell do you play for more than 5 minutes without running out of fuel?
doctor shred wrote ...2007-03-15 10:08:05
This was a really complex game mixing strategy and real-time action. Way ahead of it's time and seriously tough. I only ever took out the enemy carrier once. I'm still not sure how it happened.
Matt_B wrote ...2006-09-04 11:57:59
For me, this was the Atari ST game. It had: Great 3D graphics; complex gameplay that involved a mixture of strategy, simulation and shooting; and you could just play it for hours on end. It's not without its flaws though: The long cruises between islands, the limited use of much of the equipment and the game's few irritating bugs will mean that it's not to everyone's taste though.
Jondamage wrote ...2006-04-21 07:12:18
i want to play it again ... what a game ... how ? :)
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-10 09:10:53
Probably one of the best ST games, a good strategy that was highly underated. I spent hours on this after running out of fuel many times. I actually destroyed the enemy carrier (which can hover on the islands) and blew him to crap!
Grunaki wrote ...2006-02-06 21:24:41
Go to http://www.carriercommand.com for the OpenGL remake of Carrier Command. Excellent Game!
Steve Hall wrote ...2004-09-21 13:34:23
go to http://www.the-underdogs.org/ to get carrier command PC
Mento wrote ...2004-06-21 11:41:23
If you could figure out what to do, it was a very deep and interesting game. It had something to do with setting up bases on all the unoccupied islands with your little hovercrafts.
Tian wrote ...2004-05-13 06:18:23
Carrier Command Publisher: Rainbird Developer: Realtime Games Software Year of release: 1988 How can I get this game ready for PC? I´m new with internet,sorry many faults on my side
mires wrote ...2004-04-26 04:07:15
yes there was a tape in the package, unfortunately I don't have it anymore. You can hear an extract during the game, you just have to wait during about 30 seconds when the menu is on (notice that some cracked versions do not contain this extract).
David Roberts wrote ...2004-04-02 15:03:24
Check out this link for an updated version. I'm really rather excited! http://homepage.ntlworld.com/martingbell/projects/
vagg wrote ...2004-03-07 02:39:18
A nice game with lots of stuff to do and think about...
Jonathan Bond wrote ...2003-11-02 19:48:18
Ahhhh figured it out.. my version of the game CAME with my ST in the UK Discovery pack for an 520ST fm... apparently this version of the game was revised and lots of the bugs you guys are reporting were absent.
Jonathan Bond wrote ...2003-11-02 19:39:28
Yeah I used to fly 2 manta's and 2 walrus in formation 1 manta equipped with a lOng Range Comms pod.. that way you could refuel one walrus and both manta's at a friendly island and go on to another enemy island to blat it.. cutting the enemy carrier off.Btw.. what's the fuel bug, I never noticed any fuel bug... I could always refuel and rearm.... only bug I found (which I think was intentional coding) that after the enemy carrier was defeated (I have done this many times) you no longer were allowed to build ACCB's hence you could not build Virus bombs and convert enemy islands to friends.... never conquer the entre range of free islands.
Steve Hall wrote ...2003-09-13 05:32:29
This was a brilliant game. Action ruled. It was actually impossible to complete strategy due to the fuel "bug". I can also remember the enemy carrier mysteriously turning up in the middle of an island..... Did anyone actually use walruses for anything other than dropping new command centres? Seeing a message THERMOPALY HAS BEEN ATTACKED!! was always followed by much cussing ..... ahhh the memories......
Steven Blackburn wrote ...2003-07-08 17:59:03
I quite liked this game... was pretty crap at it tho... and can't remember diddly about it... (what evil carrier). A friend of mine says that there was a tape with really good music on it that cam with some format of the game... Does anyone know what he was talking about and where it can be got from?
benji wrote ...2003-04-29 12:57:24
"carrier just sitting in the middle of an island (a bit odd..." yes, well to enlighten you , the "evil" ship doesn't use walruses to plant it's seed on free islands, it just runs up onto it. in fact, i can say with confidence that it doesn't even have atv's -It's a more efficient looking ship, suggesting it is supposed to be a more efficient model. I noticed this while one of my mantas was active in a long-range demolition mission. HELP ! does anyone have a working .ST file of this game ( ie emulation file) because i cant find one that works for more than 20 minutes before it bombs. I've tried 2 different emulators (steem,winston) and have downloaded the actual game from 3 different compilations. I've also tride tweaking the memory/ settings of my emulators but nothing seems to help it. I've even tried different computers. If anyone out there has a working copy+emulator ( ie you can actually finish the game on action or strategy) please email me @ ben@xboxottawa.ca I will give you any ANY game you want from the Atutomation Compilation, Hell i'll give you 20! thanks.
Naxxuberator wrote ...2003-04-02 12:47:55
If anyone wants the Cheat for this, Type "Grow Old Along With Me" and press the Numeric + Button to make your Mantas & Walruses indestructable.. ( Numeric - turns it off)
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 12:49:45
Carrier command can be found on Fuzion compact disk 51, Lemmings compact disk 44 and Automation compact disk 94.
Benden wrote ...2002-12-12 20:50:26
What else could I had ! Awesome game that I also played hours and hours. This year they made some kind of pseudo strategic/action game inspired from carrier command for the pc but it turned out to be a crapy game.
Syborg wrote ...2002-12-03 10:41:17
This game was amazing, just watching the little jet take off and land on auto was transfixing! Awesome!
John Morrison wrote ...2002-11-06 05:46:17
The dogs bollocks!
Casey Monroe wrote ...2002-11-04 17:53:10
Fantastic game. You know what it needs? A two-player competitive version.
Andrew McNaughton wrote ...2002-10-01 11:07:00
This game is really cool and I so wish I had the ability to make a modern day version. The secret to winning the game is to destroy the enemy carrier. One day I decided to give it a go and found it really tough. I then decided to try a few kami kazi runs, ramming a few of my mantas into the enemy carrier... and BOOM! It blew up. I later learned that the enemy begin rebuilding a new carrier, however it takes them ages and you have plenty of time to assimilate all of their islands including their headquarters. This is a great game format which should never have disappeared. This could be like Quake and serve as a template for various different games, e.g. Federation vs. The Borg or something. I'll never forget this game.
trevor26 wrote ...2002-08-01 08:14:06
I loved this game too and played it non stop for about a month on my ST. I'm sure there was a button or cheat that sped up time, this just makes the game so much better, id give it 97% ! Anyway i found the PC version (which is exactly the same in every way) along with the manual and there is a "Time Warp" option on the map screen! Get it here, along with some more info: http://members.aol.com/ztxjim/command.htm I think its about time i completed this brilliant game again....seeya next month!
Jason Brunt wrote ...2002-07-24 07:35:47
Did anyone else have the same problems as I did with this game? I loved the gameplay but, even once it became easy, it was impossible to complete properly. In the Action game, the enemy carrier would take a few islands and then I would never ever hear from it again, or one of my Walruses would happen on the carrier just sitting in the middle of an island (a bit odd...) and just shoot it once or twice with a laser to destroy it; and in the Strategy game, no matter what I tried, I'd run out of fuel after getting about 6 islands and even after leaving it running for days there still wouldn't be enough fuel for another island hop, so I was permanently stranded. Also, the enemy carrier never came out to play - even if it was bombarding me with missiles I could launch a Manta, scout well beyond missile range and never see hide nor hair of anythis unfriendly. Am I the only one to have got stuck like this? I'd love to play the game again so if anyone knows the solution to these problems, please e-mail me. A classic game but for the problems I've mentioned, and one of my all-time faves.
Dave D wrote ...2002-05-03 17:14:24
It was simply a stunning game. I did come close to figuring out how to beat it after months of playing it, but then I think I got fed up with the ST. I think I'll dig it out again!
Jonathan Thomas wrote ...2002-05-02 19:24:02
Yet another classic yet to be surpassed on modern-day platforms - but possibly not worth the 97%+ awarded by magazines at the time! Only major downer was the massive waits while travelling between islands.
Peter Hurst wrote ...2002-02-19 18:28:43
I am sure my dismal GCSE marks were down to this game. My friend and I played every spare moment for what I remember to be months! We finally finished it by destroying the bad carrier, but then it lost all appeal :( I still boot it up for a blast now and then though.
Feige wrote ...2002-02-14 12:53:53
The first great thing is the fine TEX-Intro with nice Rob Hubbard/Mad Max music :) Second, there is a great game! The only disappointing thing appeared after I captured the very last island. "Game Over", that's it...after 36 hours playing...(the game counts all playing-time together). Anyway this is a game for lonely winterdays...weeks...and months... :-)
superkev wrote ...2002-02-05 11:37:03
One of the first games i had on the ST, and probably the best. My bruv and i spent a whole summer holiday with the curtains closed playing this!
NOLIN wrote ...2002-02-02 12:23:21
Enorme !!!
Phil wrote ...2002-01-22 07:12:15
My best friend at the time played this on my ST and got so hooked he bought his own STE! We spent a whole summer playing the strategy game and managed to finish it by destroying the other "evil" carrier. Great fun flying the small planes, _and_ piloting the Walrus (?) craft whilst trying to get the carrier to another island without crashing it.
IVAN DVORZAK wrote ...2001-11-22 10:50:33
Andreas Ruth wrote ...2001-11-16 13:59:17
Great Game! I remember me sitting whole nights playing this game!!!!!
Benjamin Dine wrote ...2001-11-12 06:31:08
This is the best game which I played on the atari far better than the PC version which I have also played :-)
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-07 17:06:24
Very interesting game-play and concept. It's better to have some sort of manual when playing. This one is not intuitive.
Neil wrote ...2001-11-07 09:00:15
My brother owned the Atari and I could only play when he was out. He never managed to catch me, it did come close though as I was transfixed by it.