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Chaos Engine
Publisher: Renegade     Developer: Bitmap Brothers
Year of release: 1993

Box scan missing - can you help? Chaos Engine Click here to listen to the music from Chaos Engine on-line
Genres : This game has not been classified yet
Artist : Dan Malone    

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ST Format
# 48 - Jul 93

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Matt_B wrote ...2006-09-05 04:07:11
Not a bad game, but I never thought it was quite up to the best of the Bitmap games in terms of playability. The STE "enhancements" as far as I'm aware consisted of a slightly broader colour palette and the ability to run in half a meg. Shame they couldn't use the digital sound and hardware scrolling but the lack of them doesn't really take too much away from the gameplay.
kametyken wrote ...2003-06-29 06:02:14
If you like this game check www.gods-country.de for more infos about The Chaos Engine and all other Classics made by The Bitmap Brothers.
st-reviewer wrote ...2003-04-06 11:33:16
YEP at least it had a decent mod rather than soundchip rubbish, but where are the samples from the amiga game, like "niode activated", etc,etc. The amiga version was better becos of the atmospeheric sound effects like flowing water and singing birds, missing from the st...
Stevie B wrote ...2003-02-13 04:08:08
oooh baby laybee.....one of my favourite games on st OR amiga (was lucky enough to own both and loved both just as much for diff reasons)....any Bitmap Bros game eventually went on to become a classic (speedball 2 was another, xenon II, need I go on?)...music was fantastic it was just a polished game. HIGHLY recommended
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-01-09 17:54:49
Chaos Engine can be found on Lemmings compact disk 32A/B, Adrenalin compact disk 37A/B, Superior compact disk 141A and D-Bug compact disk 136A/B.
Harri Mulari wrote ...2002-12-24 16:22:24
This game actually got 94% in ST Format so the info here in clearly a typo.
Steve Taylor wrote ...2002-08-29 17:26:02
Yeah, this game was ace, but there the only STe feature I can rember was that you only needed 512k to play, whereas on STfm you needed 1mb...
bazfan wrote ...2002-01-09 16:58:37
This deserved 90% plus, wow what a game, grafix were outstanding, and + all those ste enhancments. yeah this game kicked ass, amd redshift i fully agree with ya. rwys08171@cableinet.co.uk , email me for st image swops
Redshift wrote ...2001-12-11 10:51:28
I can't believe ST Format only gave this game 64%! Quite simply, one of the best looking ST games ever made. You could play 1 or 2 player or you could get the computer to control the 2nd player for you. The game is set in an alternative future where computers haven't been invented and everythings got this Victorian look to it. Amazing graphics. If you haven't played this game you haven't lived! No, really :)
adrian lovatt wrote ...2001-12-11 09:56:04
Wow - the ultimate two player game, great graphics, great levels and great gameplay!