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ATF 2 Advanced Tactical Fighter 2
Publisher: Digital Integration     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? ATF 2 Advanced Tactical Fighter 2 Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : 3D / Action / Flight Simulator

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ST Format
# 18 - Jan 91

There is a prequel to this game called ATF Advanced Tactical Fighter

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Darkbee wrote ...2003-07-29 07:44:46
I think this is probably quite an under-rated game. Some people might be put off by the fact that, at first glance, it just appears to be a simple shoot 'em up. It isn't! As other users have commented this game was great in that it wasn't as heavy as a full on flight sim (like Falcon or F16 Combat Pilot) but it had enough sim elements to keep strategists happy. The thing I liked about this was the "Balance of Power". Basically the more targets you destroyed, be it tanks, planes or buildings this had an adverse affect on your enemy. Eventually if you completed enough missions you'd overpower your enemy and win. In essence the game wasn't about scoring points but destroying targets, so basically it was a bit more realistic (unlike Afterburner). Overall then, a fun game if you don't want the intensity of a full blown flight simulator but slightly more interesting than your usual shoot 'em up.
Wdll wrote ...2003-07-27 15:14:46
This game is not a flight sim. It is an arcade shooter with a twist. Its more serious in some aspects and similar to sims. You have to worry about your altitude and your fuel consumption for example. You choose a map, like the Mediterrenian (sp?) for example and you can see your and the enemy's buildings and units. You are given orders to destroy the enemy structures and units at specific locations and then return to a friendly airbase for debriefing. If you go well and if on the meantime you manage to destroy extra enemy units then the better, not just points (which doesn't matter much) but for the war effort in general. In a way its a mix between an arcade shooter and a serious sim. If you don't take it too seriously and don't think of it as eithe a simple shoot em up or a serious sim you will enjoy it very much. I know I did back when it came out and spend many hours playing this game. Oh, there are also several difficulty levels if you are getting very good. :-)
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2003-04-14 14:28:08
Hmm, as the Pompey Pirates were known for flightsims on their menus I thought ATF2 is one as well. Sadly it turned out to be an Afterburner like shooter. Better then the mentioned game but not a really good one. You are wrong here if you want to play a flight sim!
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-15 06:17:56
This was another really good game. I got it for my birthday many years ago. I thought it would be a flight sim proper, but it turned out to be more of a fun arcade shooter. I thought the patchwork quilt landscapes were REALLY cool.
David Vaughan wrote ...2002-11-15 03:58:27
ATF II: Advanced Tactical Fighter II can be found on Flame of Finland (FOF) compact disk 44, Zuul compact disk 70, Pompey Pirates compact disk 61, Medway Boys compact disk 101, Automation compact disk 390 and Fuzion compact disk 22.