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Cybernoid 2
Publisher: Hewson     Developer: Not Applicable
Year of release: 1989

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Cybernoid 2 Click here to listen to the music from Cybernoid 2 on-line
Genres : Shoot-em-up
Programmer : Tony Cooper     Artist : Mark K Jones    

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The One
# 15 - Dec 89
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ST/Amiga Format
# 10 - Apr 89

There is a prequel to this game called Cybernoid

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Nuno Pessoa wrote ...2003-08-01 11:07:31
Horizontal game shooter.You play as a well armed ship with lots of weapons and defenses like seeking or bouncing shoots, mines, shields and a lot more. You will have to escape this labyirinth full of creepy monsters by learning to use your weapons in the appropriate situations. A well made classic where the spectacular graphics and music turns it to a real candy for both eyes and ears.
jayson catedral wrote ...2003-04-10 07:07:50
this is a cool site for all game lover.
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-02-18 00:47:48
I remember playing Cybernoid II: The Revenge a little bit back in 1989. I didn't play the sequal too much because of the fact that it was harder and more challenging than the first one. Even my big brother Andy did the same thing as well. I was never able to get to the next level on this game but I'll try again someday. To me, I think the sequal is made for experts. Like they always say, "Practice makes perfect." Another thing I also liked about this game was the music. I recognized it on menu disks that had it. The music was also done very well and sounds cool. Overall, Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine and Cybernoid II: The Revenge are excellent Atari ST classics. Cybernoid II: The Revenge can be found on Automation compact disk 85, Medway Boys compact disk 9 and Fuzion compact disk 11.
Tomasz wrote ...2002-02-16 20:43:38
I disagree! I have played it for days and I managed to reach some far levels. Very good and challenging this game is. You have to use the force to shoot your way through, young Jedi. This is a game for shoot' em up experts. and oh, yes - the tex musix are great.
DooMed Space Marine wrote ...2002-01-28 14:01:48
Ahh, yes, the graphics, and the music... the music. that was a reason enough to own the game. I never even beat level 1 without cheating, though.
Feige wrote ...2001-12-12 10:03:53
This game has fantastic music by Jochen Hippel. Well, beside to the great grafix, that's all I can tell because it's too damn hard. Extras get lost as soon as You're killed once and this happens very soon because each hit destroys Your spacecopter. And the sprite-hit-control isn't very good, too... But I keep on playing it on and on...just because of the music... Music: 100% Gfx: 95% Gameplay: 40% All in all: 60%
t wrote ...2001-11-15 08:51:32
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2001-11-05 07:34:37
The sequel to Cybernoid is very hard and frustrating although the graphics and sounds are better. Too frustrating to have fun with it if you play the real tour.