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Dogs of War
Publisher: Elite     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1989

Box scan missing - can you help? Dogs of War Click here to listen to the music from Dogs of War on-line
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Howard John Dell wrote ...2011-09-01 12:18:13
Based kn a eight bit Commando!
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-14 08:53:38
Madness & fun! God knows how it's possible to complete without a trainer. A great co-op game & the mid-level shop was pretty cool.
GenFu wrote ...2004-09-22 19:16:25
definitely one of the best games on the atari imo - this one came with the discovery pack aswell. (perhaps tellingly) i lent it to a m8 and never got it back :-( completable if yr careful, the level with about 15 tanks had to be my favourite; the satisfaction of taking out those badboys is awesome! wicked 2 player action!
Antybots wrote ...2004-02-28 05:57:12
Top quality game. Along with Carrier Command and IK+ rate as my top three ST games of all time.
Josef Harringer wrote ...2003-08-11 09:47:06
Sampled sfx!!! Aaaarrrgh!! Brata brata brata kapoow!
simchevelu wrote ...2003-06-17 08:35:02
Get the trainer, buy the minigun, lots of ammo and ... enjoy !!!! Pure action and fun!!
GenFu wrote ...2003-05-18 13:18:44
You've gotta love the array of guns & ammo in this... really class 2 player game.
noom wrote ...2003-05-18 10:52:15
A personal favourite of I mine. I'm still damn chuffed about completing it in Single Player mode. ^¬^
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-04-04 18:34:38
Dogs of War can be found on Automation compact disk 220.
Bloodstone2k wrote ...2003-01-26 17:30:32
Step 1: Enable unlimited lives and unlimited ammo cheat Step 2: Buy the MINI-GUN! Step 3: MOW!
Matthias Arndt wrote ...2002-09-25 05:32:08
Funny shooting game but you should play with a friend. For me too hard in single player mode.
Jaag-o wrote ...2002-06-13 08:55:50
ahh.. loved this one maybe just because it had "THE GUN" minigun :)) ..lot's of others also but the minigun just was the thing. :)
Richard Davey wrote ...2002-01-06 21:14:41
Oh what an absolutely lovely blast-fest this is! True un-adulterated violence :) Shoot or be shot, simple really but great fun with a friend to cream the baddies with you.