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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Adventure Game
Publisher: US Gold     Developer: Lucasfilm Games
Year of release: 1989

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Adventure Game Click here to listen to the music from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade The Adventure Game on-line
Genres : Graphical Adventure / Movie License
Musician : Michael Land    

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The One
# 13 - Oct 89
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# 4 - Nov 89

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

LFB wrote ...2003-01-25 04:43:01
Fantastic adventure game with a lot of humour - I remember installing this on my ST's hard disk to speed up the load times! The opening / introductory section of the games was the perfect lead in for learning the controls. I liked how the grail diary that was included in the box was integral to the gameplay. There was talk that a PC "talkie" version came out on CD-ROM when the format was beginning to take off.
Klaus74 wrote ...2002-01-11 09:22:04
"Indiana Jones and the last crusade" was - as far as I know - the third adventure game made by Lucas Arts. (The first was "Maniac Mansion", the second "Zak McKracken". A bit later, the first of the "Monkey Island" games came out.). All of these games had a new kind of steering your character through the adventure world: Instead of trying to make the computer understand what you want him to do by frantically hacking words into your keyboard, you just had to klick on an item, connect it with one of twelve (or fifteen???) available verbs (like "take", "use", "look", "give", "open" etc.) by klicking on the verb, and voilá - it worked. Or it didn´t, if you were wrong, but at least you didn´t have to try out three expressions before you found the one the game understood. (But I must admit that (with myself being german) a game like "King´s Quest III" widened my english vocabulary quite a bit). To summon up my opinion in one sentence: I loved this game! When it came out, I was just 13 years old, so nowadays you might think that I´ve grown out of it, like it happens with all too many things. But the truth is, if you put me in front of a ST (or emulator) with Indy 3 (as we called it) on, then it would be for me to get back to real life, although I do remember most of the riddles. Indy 3 just drips with atmosphere and has a really versatile gameplay (e.g. the discussions with the German guards, the fist fighting sequences, flying the plane, finding my way through a thousand labyrinths, etc.). In my opinion, the riddles are all quite logical, so there´s no reason for frustration either. The graphics were quite all right for the time it went out. So, if you´re not beyond spending two or three (or four, etc...) evenings looking at a game which dates back to 1980something, ready to find your way through nazi lines with wit, intelligence, muscle and charme, downoad this one. You won´t be disappointed. I´d give this one 10 of 10 points. Call me nostalgic, but for me, there´s not a single thing that needs to be improved about this game.
Robert Stewart wrote ...2002-01-03 16:48:59
One of the finest St games I ever played!!. I actually completed this game and now I have an emulator I am desperate to download this and do it again for old times sake.. great fun and loads of puzzles. Ok maybe I am sad but I was very young when I got my first Atari and wish that I hadn't swapped it for that really cranky 386..try this game it is a true adventure
Maarten (ST Graveyard) wrote ...2001-12-07 08:18:42
I love this adventure...It's true to the movie, yet still manages to be difficult. The only let down for me are the arcade sections...I never managed the get by the fist fights in the German castle. But up until that part, I really enjoyed playing it. And if you're a fan of the movie, this is a must!
Florian wrote ...2001-11-22 03:37:28
This game is really good. It contains a lot of puzzles, ranging from easy to harsh ones. The adventure itself is incredibly long, sometimes overbearing. You can board a zeppelin, a plane, drive a car, fistfight, explore catacombs... It is a full game, with high quality graphics and a great lifetime. I play it from time to time. The only irritating thing comes from the many floppies and the recurrent floppy change... Sometimes, your disk will go round and roun in circles for minutes, just to load up one single room.