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Jumping Jackson
Publisher: Infogrames     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Jumping Jackson Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Puzzle

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# 21 - Jun 90
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# 6 - Jan 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

guy ross wrote ...2003-03-05 18:30:16
a game I liked to load up and play, mainly because it was one of the few (at the time) commercial games with cool sampled music (I know listen, with fond memories, to atari .ym files on leonards' player and know better, but at the time, amiga games had sampled sound, so I wanted it on my atari too).. But also it was good fun to play (thinking about it, most of the french games had sampled sound (captain blood, purple saturn day, north & south, ranx, ummmm....... So why didn't everyone else?)
Kooky wrote ...2002-10-17 21:58:39
Strangely addictive little puzzle game this one..... with some funky beats it is cool
Carole wrote ...2002-05-08 16:54:16
Great and very addictive game! Jumping Jackson is a cool-looking little guy with fluorescent hair that keeps on jumping. The goal is to turn all tiles a particular color (they change color every time JJS jumps on them) to obtain a record of that color, which you then have to bring to a turntable. When the record is on the turntable, music starts playing with only one instrument. Go to the next tile area to turn them all another color, collect the new record and bring it to the turntable of the same color. Another instrument starts playing, etc. Beware of all the bad guys (classical instruments that hate JJK's rock music!) wich kill JJK if they come in contact with him! BTW, you can get the game working (Automation A_239.msa) by using Steem 2.2. There is a patch in version 2.2 that makes the game work like a charm if you follow the steps properly :)
Hyrax wrote ...2002-01-15 23:51:01
Strangely addictive little puzzle game this one..... with some funky beats.
hal2000 wrote ...2002-01-15 15:21:27
help, my girlfriend needs this game! I downloaded Steem 2.06 and A_239.msa (which should include jumping jackson) but if wont run. Also tried unpacking the .msa file to a custom disk but no luck
Jon Gibbins wrote ...2002-01-13 15:18:39
Class game ! Don't know why it got such a low rating ?
jamie gray wrote ...2001-11-09 01:55:01
help my wife needs this game please help me to download thanks