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Kick Off 2
Publisher: Anco     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1990

Box scan missing - can you help? Kick Off 2 Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Action / Football
Programmer : Dino Dini    

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ST Format
# 14 - Sep 90

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Jason Xairo wrote ...2004-01-19 12:21:39
QUOTE FROM WWW.NEXUSMAG.NET Kick off had the same engine that Sensible Soccer had but was around before Sensible soccer. Its simplicity design and slick ball control method made this game so addictive, i played this game for over four years. The fifa games being released between 1990-1998 were no match for this beautiful title. Kick Off 2 used a hard to handle football engine where you had to tribble then trap the ball in order to make pass's and score goals. It was damn hard but once you got a little practice in after a boot up you would start scoring and it is the most satisfying goal you will ever come across. Forget a 30 pass build up in Fifa, Forget a stunning goal scored in PES scoring a goal in Kick off 2 surpassed all of this. In kick off 2 there was new features added, instead of the normal linear style pitch, it would change dependant on time of the season or settings and you could also change the wind settings for extra curl and realism. I cannot praise this game enough, not even Kick Off World which was released on the Playstation bettered it. It was a truly unique design of football in which a Net Yaroze user tried to replicate, it nearly did. Its release made it onto the PC, luckily it failed..sorry noone copies Anco without permission.
Jason Xairo wrote ...2004-01-19 12:14:13
David Vaughan wrote ...2003-02-26 19:20:14
Kick Off 2 can be found on Automation compact disk 69 Part 5 and Medway Boys compact disk 75.
Jason West wrote ...2003-02-13 17:06:20
i could never get on with this one, in the end went back to kick off
Stevie B wrote ...2003-02-13 03:21:42
good god this argument is still running lol!!! I can`t believe you people preferred this over sensi...kick off was the most disorientating game of it`s type!!! you never knew where on the pitch you were.....I`d end up dribbling the ball 40 odd yards (seemingly) then shooting at goal (convinced I was only a few steps away) only to find I was just past the halfway line LOL.....still, it was good for a laff on two player mode.
Luke George wrote ...2002-09-19 12:51:10
A great game apart from the fact that you could lob the goal keeper from the kick off! Enjoyed playing my player manager team against my mates which was great and playing cooperative 2 player mode was always brill.
BadMrFrosty wrote ...2002-06-10 19:26:58
I'm sorry to disagree with many here but the ST version of this classic footy game sucked, big time! The amiga version was simply in a different league! Oh the gameplay was the same, but the textured pitches and the roar of the crown made the amiga game king of the hill. To me, the game on the ST felt rushed and incomplete. NOTE, A new version for the pc has just been released - Kickoff 2002.
^^Snoop^^ wrote ...2002-02-05 14:57:53
A great game this, shame I was crap at it. Sensible Soccer is better though ; )
superkev wrote ...2002-02-05 11:39:46
Just to back up everyone's comments, i'd get in from school, leave my uniform on and play until Mum wanted Eastenders on! Absolutely the best. Sensible fans r weird
dEaDfRoG wrote ...2002-01-08 09:18:42
Anyone who reckons they're any good at KO2 should become a member at http://www.ko-gathering.com. Compete in tournaments to see who's the real best!
GordiniMan wrote ...2001-12-23 14:49:39
well all i can say is that this game was and still is amazing,i agree with Adrian Cole about not doing any home work and i still play this game today 10/10
dEaDfRoG wrote ...2001-12-21 10:19:28
The greatest footy game ever made! Anyone who reckons Sensible was better is the devils arse - we still play it now (and I'm the best - who wants some? :)
Matt Taylor wrote ...2001-11-08 08:52:30
Not quite as good as the Amiga version, but still a quality piece of software. Only gripe being the disorientation when approaching goal. The use of the small 'eye' just didnt work for me. 8/10
Adrian Cole wrote ...2001-11-03 13:09:38
This game ws the reson I did so little homework at school! It was not uncommon for me to play 3 or 4 hours a day every day. I think I played it for 3 years. Simply amazing game.