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Publisher: Mindscape     Developer: Unknown
Year of release: 1992

Box scan missing - can you help? Knightmare Click here to listen to the music from Knightmare on-line
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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ST Format
# 33 - Apr 92

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-09-05 10:11:51
I did it!! I did it!! I got into the bottom level and killed Lord Fear - got the crown - put it on the purple cross and - a weird goblin thing that was never in the TV programme told me that Lord Fear had been banished from Dunshelm forever. Well, I know that because I just killed him!! What a crap end for 14 years hard work!!
Peter Nuttall wrote ...2006-06-20 07:43:16
When I first got this, there was a bug stopping me from standing on the cattle grids, I thought I'd gotten quite far into the game, only to discover 6 months of playing later that the game was MASSIVE!! I got to level 4, the quest for the crown, a level which was as big as the other 3 levels put together (How did they get this much detail on 2 floppys?) and there were these gorgons who turned you to stone (Had to use 'destone' spell) and I managed to just get past them but then I couldn't get out of the tower (The one with Giants on each floor), the door that I came through had vanished. I have played it since on the emulator and the same thing happened! I am still to this day GUTTED that I can't complete it!
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-13 08:49:00
I only ever played this on the STA demo but thought it was pretty good, scarey stuff though, espiecially trees that come to life! Anybody know of any downloads for the full version on PC?
Andy D wrote ...2003-07-21 16:55:34
I loved this game. I remember when it first was released, and there were about 3 or 4 different demo's released. They were all unique to the magazine that published them, and the levels in the demo's weren't in the game. Why dont they do marketting ploys like that these days ;) Great game, I wasted many hours on this
J. Stock wrote ...2003-07-13 08:45:41
Pretty good actually... I never knew about attacking the wall! But still... I remember not getting very far at all... on the Quest for the Shield, there was a big watery area with sharks everywhere... and they kept getting me. The other thing I remember were the Treguard heads on the wall... he looked like Brian Blessed: "Right... what's the Brian Blessed got to say? Your Quest Begins Here? How useful."
Pam wrote ...2003-06-12 19:50:37
due to my ongoing obcession with Knightmare - this game could be nothing short of fantastic, nothing can touch knightmare lol! i loved both versions, well i would wouldnt i... ooh nasty...
Jimbo wrote ...2003-01-14 12:02:07
I had the original Knightmare (the one with the old man in the room) for my C64 and enjoyed it. I lent it to a friend called Mark and NEVER SAW IT AGAIN. This one I didn't lend to anyone. It was a great game. I liked the way that if you gave a character a weapon meant for a different character class and made them use it then they became the other character class as well. You could have your whole party proficient in several different disciplines, but only if you spent hours making them attack the wall with weapons they didn't like. Actually, now I think about it I WASTED MY LIFE...
Mind X wrote ...2002-05-19 08:23:45
I canĀ“t download it!!
Bob Riot wrote ...2002-02-03 07:31:22
You could also try Captive! from mindscape released in 1990...
Adia wrote ...2002-02-02 15:09:03
oh. my. god! This was the ultimate ST game, words cannot express how brilliant it is! I was pretty young when this came out, and actually got scared by the mummys and green blobs! I was rubbish -- I think I only reached level 2. Liked the whole 'choose your own characters' bit, and could never understand what mead was...brilliant.
Eduardo Kopcyzk wrote ...2002-01-27 08:04:47
this is one of the best games made EVER... nuff said!
Murr wrote ...2001-12-21 06:08:39
I actually prefer the other knightmare. The one that everyone else hates, with the old man in the room.
Michal wrote ...2001-12-20 02:57:53
Very cool game, i have it on my ST computer. So later i convert it to st files :)
Charles Guthrie wrote ...2001-12-09 21:01:02
One of the best games I've played on any system yet. A great interface, very unique and imaginative creatures, plus a magic/skill system that made me want to spend time practicing to get to the harder spells. A must play.