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Publisher: Psygnosis     Developer: DMA Design
Year of release: 1991

Click here to see the box of this game on-line Lemmings Click here to listen to the music from Lemmings on-line
Genres : Puzzle

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The One
# 28 - Jan 91
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ST Format
# 24 - Jul 91
There is a sequel to this game called Oh No! More Lemmings

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

Howard John Dell wrote ...2011-08-16 13:33:42
I remember this game very well. Interesting and addictive! Appeared on all the 16 bit formats, including the Atari Lynx. Also appeared on the eight bit Sam Coupe Spectrum replacement.
gcurrie wrote ...2009-06-05 16:55:18
What can I say great game which I spent hours at a time playing. The great thing about lemmings is the simple concept which went down really well like just having to rescue a certain number of lemmings. When you get on to the Mayhem levels it takes more thought especially the second last level which was a nightmare from what I can remember. Me and my dad still play the two player option in lemmings using steam st. I would have to agree with Matt_B regarding the graphics and sound.
flimbo wrote ...2007-08-28 20:46:48
the game was cool and no way offending, i mean ok the music was'nt that great and could never match the amiga version.so what.The tunes were cool and hummable and the gameplay was there, so if u gonna slate a game make it constructive at least.
Biscuit wrote ...2007-08-27 00:54:30
Erm.. It's called MAKING MONEY. ST & PC versions sold very well. And I do take exception at you calling the ST version 'offending' especially when you don't follow up your comment with any reasoning for it. The only thing I think that was wrong about the ST version was the audio. Other than that, what are your constructive critisms? In what manner were they offending?
ichichich75 wrote ...2007-05-14 14:56:07
Compared to the Amiga version, ST and PC versions were offending. How could Psygnosis dare.
Matt_B wrote ...2006-09-05 04:04:37
Yep, not as good as the Amiga version but still a damn good game on the ST. I thought they got the gameplay exactly right which was the important thing, and so could settle for slightly weaker graphics and sound that was... erm.. at least better than the PC version. Anyway, I just had a blast at it and got through about thirty levels in a session so it's obviously all still in my memory somewhere. An excellent genre-busting game.
Matt Bailey wrote ...2006-03-22 03:45:27
A classic in every sense of the word. Lemmings is one of the all time greatest games without question. Tedious puzzling fun with a twist. All formats of this are pretty good, although the ST controls were the only downer.
Biscuit wrote ...2004-02-11 22:43:26
I was very happy on how this game turned out. I managed to get it within 10% of the performance of the Amiga version (it only slowed down with more than 80 lemmings on screen, the Amiga could do 100 before slowing). We could have done much better with the audio though. It's definitely one of the best games I've worked on. I certainly got hooked for quite some time after we finished working on it. About a year or so after completing the ST version, I did the Lynx version. Nice little machine.
Jono Pike wrote ...2004-01-05 11:18:14
Not as good as the Amiga version
Shad_War wrote ...2003-09-16 11:04:34
nice game has kept me company for hundreds of hours but the most fun has always been blowing the little critters to pieces....
Wdll wrote ...2003-07-23 19:39:20
A good puzzle game. A bunch of lemmings that are as stupid as they can get have to go from one door the the next. In the middle there are many obstacles. Considering that the lemmings just walk to one direction unless you tell them otherwise, its a bit difficult to have complete control of them all. I first saw the game on an Amiga and liked it very much. I never managed to be any good at this game though, on the ST, Amiga or PC later on. At least on the ST and Amiga the music was very good, lousy on the pc if I remember correctly.
guy ross wrote ...2003-07-02 17:15:38
Yeah, It was a good game. despite the dodgy scrolling and so on... I liked it... Even though I was no good at it..
Ragstaff wrote ...2003-06-24 06:02:25
Well, I don't know the "real" programmer, but if you are him Biscuit, well done! I played this game to death when I was " a kipper". The sound mightn't have been fantastic, but I used to love those chip-tunes.... I'd get them stuck in my head. Seeya....
Biscuit wrote ...2003-06-15 00:31:38
Oh, and whom would that have been then?
bazfan wrote ...2002-06-16 18:15:54
buiscuit. ur full of shit, i know the real programmer, u fraud
Biscuit wrote ...2002-03-06 23:22:35
Sorry, that last message was for a different discussion! Posted it to the wrong place!
Biscuit wrote ...2002-03-06 23:21:47
Oh and might I add, Wayne and I had quite a few heated discussions on the matter arising from the letter. I don't recall the outcome of the conversations but I remember using some of the techniques he mentioned when working on Lemmings. He is a very talented programmer who did some awesome work. I wonder where he is now?
Biscuit wrote ...2002-03-06 23:14:44
This was probably the only game I got completely hooked on. Just as well, I programmed this particular version. Not only did I enjoy programming it but I also played it a lot. Game testing was, for the most part, quite pleasurable! I managed to get the sprite engine running at *just* below the performance of the Amiga blitter. Since the sprites were so small, the blitter set up was a significant hit. So, some big optimisations in sprite rendering meant that I could get about 90 lemmings on screen before it slowed to less than 25fps. The amiga could do about 110. Sorry about the sound. I could have done it way better but I didn't know as much as I do now! I remember when I first saw the game concepts, Mike Dailly did a Deluxe Paint anim showing the lemmings walking and so on, Dave coded a quick prototype and when I first saw them all explode I almost fell of my seat laughing. I'm glad you all have enjoyed the game! I got the emulator out a little while ago and had a couple of rounds. It was fun! Biscuit.
Andreas Knopf wrote ...2001-11-27 17:25:21
The game was a very new type of realtime tactical games an it a lot of fun to play it. It also had very nice grafics
triggahappy wrote ...2001-11-15 18:32:44
Fond memory's of this one. Line em' up watch them fall. Years of fun classic
Arthur Ditner wrote ...2001-11-12 19:20:47
quite the game, i'm yet to beat it even though i've been playing since i was seven!!! one of the best
Ant wrote ...2001-11-06 16:28:41
Classic genre setting puzzle game. They climb, the fall they build they splat. :-) I finished it when i was 10 after spending years hooked. The first is the best.