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Lemmings 2 the Tribes
Publisher: Psygnosis     Developer: DMA Design
Year of release: 1993

Box scan missing - can you help? Lemmings 2 the Tribes Click here to listen to the music from Lemmings 2 the Tribes on-line
Genres : This game has not been classified yet

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ST Format
# 49 - Aug 93

There is a prequel to this game called Oh No! More Lemmings

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

grams88 wrote ...2009-06-13 18:47:07
Lemmings 2 the tribes was a brilliant game in my opinion. It was still a follow up to the original lemmings game. The thing was this time the object of the game is a bit different because in the game you can pick which tribe to go to in any order. There are a lot more abilities and skills you can choose for the lemmings like super lemming also much more. I managed to get the gold in all of the tribes but there are some levels where you can't rescue them all but you still get credited for the gold medal. The tribe level I liked the most would probably be the Egypt mainly because of the music and it's an easier tribe to complete. The tribe I least liked would be the Classic one because some of the levels are a bit of a nightmare to complete. The thing I would say about the graphics are they are good considering it was a 2d game.
ST Graveyard wrote ...2004-08-24 22:50:12
Biscuit, I'm trying to contact you. Could you drop me an email using the address in my profile, please. I would like to know if you are interested in doing an interview?
Biscuit wrote ...2004-08-16 15:30:45
I don't recall exactly what form of protection we put in place for Lemmings 2, but what you are referring to was in place for Lemmings 1. The music packages were self contained executable chunks of code. I loaded them as overlays for each individual level (of course, looking back on it, I would have done this differently). However, the music for level 11 (which would be repeated periodically while playing the game) had some copy protection code in there. It would kick in after a short time and do a disk check to make sure that the protection track had not been compromised. When this happened, I would disable the screen boundary limiting (performed by the IKBD mouse handler) and so the mouse would no longer stop at 320x192, it could exceed the top, bottom, left or right of the screen. Now, this was not a problem for left&right because it would just wrap (although, this would make it VERY hard to click on a lemming as, even though visually you are right over it, you would not be anywhere near it as the mouse coordinate would be, say, 384 instead of 64). When you moved the mouse off the top or bottom of the screen, it had the unfortunate side effect of writing over arbitrary areas of memory (I deliberately didn't put full clipping in for the mouse sprite for this reason). So, what would happen? Well, if you weren't very careful, you would crash the game. Since it happened on the 11th level (and at a periodic interval I cannot recall), most hackers thought they had got it fully hacked, when it hadn't been. I do believe it only slowed the hackers down by a short time. Maybe someone from Pompey Pirates, or whomever actually hacked it, could elaborate on the hack they did.
Selurtsirata wrote ...2003-09-23 21:09:05
Nuke em, nuke em all
SaTcom2 wrote ...2003-03-19 00:08:32
About the best piece of videogaming code you could ever run on your ST. Just pure genius, spectacular graphics all around, great level designs, great new abilities for your lemmings. Unless you don't like the original, you must own, or at least play this!
Stewart McGuinness wrote ...2002-04-08 08:25:48
I remember watching an episode of "Frontline Scotland" (I think) about piracy where the games coders at DMA were boasting about the copy protection on this one, apparantly the original looked like it had no copy protection, but when you copied it, the copied version had the strange feature that the lemmings walked off the side of the landscape and commited suicide making it impossible to play properly. Possibly the neatest copy protection ever! They also added some of the sampled sounds from the amiga version which made the original lemmings on the st feel a little empty. Oh no! Wouldn't it be nice if the split screen code from aggressions "UTOPOS" was used in the lemmings series? Enough blabbing already....