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Publisher: PD / Shareware     Developer: Llamasoft
Year of release: 1991

Box scan missing - can you help? Llamatron Game music missing - can you help?
Genres : Arcade Classic / Shoot-em-up

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ST Format
# 24 - Jul 91

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small ST picture raytraced by Rich Davey 2001

malcolm184 wrote ...2009-08-14 16:54:02
The best game of all time......I must have wrecked many a joystick with that slamming technique needed to lock the fire. I have tried the pc version but it is not the same.....no sound and the beasties are too close to the bottom compared to the st version. I remember getting to 249 a couple of times but without instant hot bullets level 250 was a definite no no! I hate to think how many hours I must have logged playing it!
Bill Hiss wrote ...2007-07-04 07:49:12
Only one Llamatron. Only one Jeff Minter. Absolute classic and a must-have game!!!!
gcurrie wrote ...2007-06-19 16:33:14
Played this game over and over again on steem. Because it is quite a good game and i like the affects in it.
Tim Wilson wrote ...2006-12-10 17:00:53
One of the all-time greatest games for the Atari ST. What more can I say?
Dave Dunn wrote ...2003-11-23 10:33:48
This was a game we played over and over back then very fast I hope it runs in Steem but as I am an Xp user I still have none working disk I do have tons of magazine disks hoping to convert them to images so they run in Steem then i make them available on one of the FTP sites listed in links
Colin Day wrote ...2003-11-20 17:49:54
Wow! the game of dreams. what the STE was made for.
Wdll wrote ...2003-07-23 19:41:37
I am propably one of the few people that did not like this game at all. For me it was a shoot em up in a box/screen. Never did understood why people love it so much even after all these years. Still, I don't blame them, I might be wrong.
Muttley wrote ...2003-06-12 08:32:30
Fantastic game, and as Yak is a totally cool bloke this has now been made freeware specifically for use in emulators. :)
GenFu wrote ...2003-05-18 12:12:56
One of the best games ever! I really love the whole trippy psychedelic style of it, the rizlas, the poo, the ozric tentacle...! Minter is god!
Stevebee wrote ...2002-10-18 07:39:31
Chris Smout wrote ...2002-06-22 06:54:12
Much better than Robotron, especially the toilet :). Only got to the 130th level so far. Jeff Minter is a diamond geeza! Need to get a copy of this for an emulator!
Robotz wrote ...2002-06-20 11:08:27
I got my best ever score on this after having consumed a certain hallucinogen! Excellent, simple, addictive fun!
Darkbee wrote ...2002-05-18 08:11:56
Jeff Minter is a dude. Classic game very simple but highly addictive. Great samples and wacky graphics. If you don't get any fun out of this you might as well become a tibetan monk.
Simon Barnett wrote ...2002-05-10 08:03:02
Not only is this superb, but the Yak is Back! Check out http://www.llamasoft.co.uk for new games from the man himself.
Dave Knoxbridge wrote ...2002-05-09 09:37:42
Totally mental! Top notch joystick waggling action both versions (512 and 1024) are superb, this has to be one of the greatest games ever.
Matt Sephton wrote ...2002-04-23 05:20:36
one of my all time favourites!
bazfan wrote ...2002-01-17 15:53:58
robotron 2048 , anybody
Jamie Thomas Durbin wrote ...2001-12-25 19:07:48
Definitely a classic... not gotten very far, but definitely addictive... go Jeff Minter!
ELRICK wrote ...2001-11-16 06:50:10
A classic one of the most addctive games that i have played got to level 130 forgoten the score then .Just found a p.c version and playing it now
guy ross wrote ...2001-11-05 14:59:34
One of the fastest and most enjoyable shoot-em-ups I've ever played. so simple but so addictive. Jeff Minter is one of the best games makers I've ever read an article about (narrows it down a bit) (did a damn fine vlm too ;) )